Results. Can you answer a couple of queries oh clever ones :)

Results. Can you answer a couple of queries oh clever ones :)

I take 120mg of thyroid S

Plus B12, vitamin D, K2, magnesium

My last TSH was 0.7 a few months ago so I'm a bit perplexed as to why it's risen again although answers why I'm feeling exhausted again and I'm searching for words.

Bizarrely bluehorizonmedicals have suggested a reduction in meds as T4 /FT4 is low! I'm guessing that's because I'm on NDT though as I understand this is the norm. My question is should I up the NDT or add in a bit of Levo? I really need to get TSH down. Do I need to get T4 up or not worry about it?

Really pleased that my B12 has come up as it was only 100 on my last tests.

Bit disappointed that my antibodies are still high as I've radically changed my diet and lifestyle so I was hoping I'd see some difference...

Will now check for Epstein Barr, Lyme, Cibo, H Pylori etc, have a feeling this is where I may get answers.

Thanks in advance.

All advice greatly appreciated!

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  • Two possible reasons why your TSH has risen : a) the two tests weren't done under the same circumstances, b) you have Hashi's, and when you have Hashi's, more and more of the gland is destroyed, and becomes less able to make hormone, so your TSH rises. Which is perfectly 'normal'.

    However, the most important number is the FT3, and that is very low. So, yes, you do need to increase your dose.

    Are you sure you read that right? BH is not going to advise a reduction in 'meds' because your FT4 is low, they're going to advise an increase, to bring it up, surely.

  • I've reread as I thought it was odd too. The wording is odd but yes I read it wrong(blame the brain!!) it says adjustment. Really not sure how I read it as decrease!! 😜

    Thanks for reply, would you just increase NDT or add Levo?

  • Oh, I would increase the NDT. FT4 is bound to be low when you're taking NDT, because the body doesn't hang on to as much T4, because it doesn't need it. You don't want high T4 when you're taking T3. :)

  • Up the NDT - you need more T4 and T3. Up it by 30mg (half a tablet) to start with, but I think you're going to find you need another 30mg on top of that after that so that you're on 360mg altogether. You're looking pretty undermedicated there, and I'm not sure you've got other issues necessarily - just not on enough Thyroid S.

  • Brilliant, thanks. Yes I think I've pretty much sorted ALL the other issues I had 😀

  • Experimentation is relevant, thyroid hormones are very forgiving and will be fine. Try it, what have you got to llose?

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