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vit D reduces thyroid antibodies

Vit D supps reduce antibodies in women on Levo with low D levels.

A small study published this month, but v exciting given the lack of treatments for Hashis. Would presumably work for women before they started levo.

Lead author Krysiak R, pub Jan 10, on pubmed.

Forgive if this already has been posted, but it does mean a v good reason to push for D testing and to supplement throughout winter in the UK.

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I was somewhat wary - given the sample being only 34 and there being a subject choice about whether or not to take vitamin D. And nothing in the abstract that identifies whether it was vitamin D2 or D3. Nevertheless, food for thought. :-)

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Why on earth do these so called researchers think that a test using 34 people is adequate? It seems to be more and more the norm these days, no doubt due to "budget cuts"!


It's just getting the funding is hard. obviously they know bigger would be preferable, but breaking new ground means other studies may be done to see if these results can be replicated. Often it takes many, many studies to bring about a change in advice.

It's clearly not a UK study, so budget cuts, if existing, are elsewhere.


Is there a recommended dosage? Or minimum dosage? Thanks


It would depend on what your D levels currently are. But if you live in the UK there is a high chance that you are deficient, because we are in a far north latitude, like Canada, and get no sun strong enough to make D in the skin for six months of the winter.

It is posisible to get D from fish and outdoor bred meat, but you'd need to be eating an awful lot... say, fish twice a day.

If you look at the Vit D council website you will find a lot of research based information.

Personally I take at least 2,000 iu vit D daily in winter, and many take 5,000. But it would be good to check yr level, there are online available tests I believe ... the nhs sadly can't afford to check in a preventative way.

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Thank you for that. I live in the US -Colorado at 6,500' elevation. You would think that we would get more vitamin D here but they have found that most are deficient in it. Very puzzling. I currently take 5000 units a day which is what is prescribed here


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