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Hi All, just me again looking for advice. My Vit D was 30 (50- 100). I was sent a text from GP to say low vit D get some sunshine and pick up script. I found this very strange but went along with it. Prescription was for 800 vit d. I went to see a different GP yesterday and he said the dose was just a maintinence dose and I needed a seven day blast on 2000 vit D for seven days then back to the 800. I am glad this is being sorted, but also a bit concerned about the jump in dose, is this normal.

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  • I think so. That's what I was prescribed a few months ago and it brought me back within range without any side effects or difficulties. I hope you are able to get some sunshine at this time of year!


    Just be aware of the different measurements in the US for VitD in the first link.

    Dosing is usually according to your level. 2500 is considered a maintenance dose once your levels are good. In the US measurement your result was 12 - so that suggests a dose of 5000 IU's to reach 60ng/L is required....

  • Hi That is fine IF you have had calcium tested. Calcium under range needs some to put up vit .D can also make calcium go above range in which case dangerous. I cannot take vit D although low as my calcium is above range ( endo)


  • I took 10,000 iu a day, dropped to 5,000 iu a day - bear in mind you should add calcium and vitamin K2 to your vit D as they all work together and are inter-dependent.

  • My initial test was 25. I was put on a booster dose of 20,000 IU one a week for 12 weeks. After the first one it I felt great but it only lasted for 1 day but each week it lasted a little longer. After 12 weeks my readings went up to 79 and then a maintenance dose 800 IU a day and each test after has gone up slightly so it's doing its job. Without the boosters you would never have improved enough but what you are now doing is fine.

  • And so, Kai--An, . . . . . what dose of vit D do you now take as a result of your investigations, findings and considerations ?

    Sid A.

  • Yes. My daughter fainted on the tube and after a blood test she was discovered to have low vit d. She had a couple of high dose injections then a maintenance dose regularly.

  • hi

    most people are taking 5,000iu's per day, so, i would actually increase for a few months.

  • Thank you all for your help, onwards and upwards hopefully x

  • I am on 50,000 units once a week for 10 weeks. My level was 18 and doc said should be at least 50

  • How have you got on Karen ?  And see my post below replying to Ashanat for you info.

    Sid A.

  • Hi my latest level is 64.4 in the range (50-70) am now on maintainable dose of 800 meg per day

  • Hi Karen,

    You may like to consider the F. Parent article, for which there is a link above, in the post by Kai--Am. Hope that's useful . . . . . and helpful to you !

    Important question in your case c/would be:

    a) are your calcidiol levels BEING depleted by an on-going immune response ?

    b) if you felt better on supplementing at 50,000IU/wk for 10 weeks, . . . . . was this actually the known "temporary palliative effect" ?

    Take care !

  • I have read a couple of books on high dose d3 and the benefits - one by Jeff t Bowles and one by Susan Rex Ryan. For the last 4 weeks I have been taking 10,000 iu of D3 (never d2 - which GP's typically prescribe), and it's cofactors Vitamin k2 (absolutely essential if you're taking d3, as it keeps calcium in your bones) and magnesium glycinate, along with chewable b12 - never supplement calcium as the k2 ensures the calcium stays in your bones and out of soft tissue, blood etc.

    I am amazed at how fab I feel, alive for the first time in years!! Not perfect, but bloody good - even lasted till 3am dancing on Friday, which is previously unheard of :).

    Several friends have tried this too, one has stated to clear up psoriasis and another is full of beans again too, one who is also hypo no longer has foggy head first thing.

    Be aware you must maintain as it drops after 3weeks of not taking.

    Good luck to anyone wanting to try x

  • Hi Ashanat,

    I'd be interested to know of your progress with continuing "vit D" supplementation.  10,000 IUs (?per day?) is one HUGH dose to take regularly.

    Simply as a source of information, it has been observed and reported that there can be a short-term or temporary palliative effect with the supplementation of this prohormone. 

    An introduction to this viewpoint can be found via the recent post by Kai--An above, in the link to the Fearless Parent article - hope you and others you know to be supplementing with this OTC prohormone will find this information of use, or at least worth considering in the first instance.

    The group of people affected by this known dysfunction would be advised not to supplement at all.  Further it is not possible to establish the present of this dysfunction by the from the standard vitamin D blood test result alone.

    Take care,

    Sid A.

  • My D3 level is now at 64.4 (50-70) and I now take 800mcg per day. I do feel a lot better but not sure if that isn't a combination of D3 and T4 and T3 levels are now in range. I'm still not up to dancing until 3am though 😬

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