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But not source as you are probably thinking as in where to buy it!

Rather, where does the desiccated thyroid come from? The tablets are now manufactured in Spain (I believe) despite it being widely thought to be a Canadian product.

Does anyone know which company produces the pigs, and the desiccated thyroid powder? Strikes me it is something that we should know.

I have a few inklings of an idea, but I don't want to say anything and by so doing, influence any answers!

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  • No idea, but I agree with you 100%...! I never understood why (according to STTM) Erfa was a Canadian brand; yet, was manufactured in Belgium until a couple of years ago when, apparently, production was moved to Spain...and, after that, patients started to complain, causing STTM to speculate about a possible reformulation ("Armour curse"?!), even though the company denied it...but that does not answer the obvious question: how can a Canadian brand be manufactured in two European countries...?! Because the raw material (pigs' thyroid) is readily available in Europe, as opposed to North America, or because manufacturing costs are lower in Europe, or what...?!

    But I agree, patients need to find out not only where the drug is made, but also from what raw material...!

  • Though Erfa was a European compay which owned Erfa Canada 2012 Inc. Not at all sure of the history which resulted in that.

    More recent events may be marginally clearer:

    Don't expect too much though!

  • If the company that makes Erfa is a multinational pharmaceutical company, they probably pick one plant to make the world's supply, rather than one in each continent.

    I'm guessing the pig thyroids come from the nearest abbatoir? :(

  • In the USA, as I understand, one company makes all the Thyroid USP (actual desiccated thyroid powder) which is then supplied to the makers of NP Thyroid/Acella, WP Thyroid, Nature-Throid and Armour.

    (This does not absolutely mean the powder supplied to each maker is identical. One may choose lactose as a diluent, another sucrose (sugar). I simply do not know.)

  • The substrate of the pills might be different, according to manufacturer, but I've no idea about the poor piggies bits. Isn't there some legislation about removal to prevent it getting into the food supply?

    I'm surprised nobody's come up with hypo-burgers or hypo-sausages, since these are often made from unwanted parts.

  • Over four years ago I posted this:


  • Yeuck! Yeuck! Yeuck!

    But wondering if any hypo people got better?

  • Could be a highly transient improvement but I suspect the enormous variability would make any dosing unlikely to be right. Even slice by slice could change...

    There are quite a few reports of "hamburger thyrotoxicosis" as well.

  • Do any people deliberately eat animal thyroid for curative purpose, aside from NDT?

  • Did you notice the tabloid report yesterday that pigs were being injected with a hormone from the jugular of badly treated horses on the Continent to ensure the birth of more piglets.Pork is cheap meat but at what cost?

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