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Which desiccated thyroid product?

Hi - I'm keen to switch to desiccated thyroid - would appreciate recommended brands and info where to buy online, and any advice re dosing. I had total thyroidectomy last year, currently on 125mcg Thyroxine, main issue is ongoing physical and mental fatigue, joint and muscle pains, mild depression and static weight. Many thanks.

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Before you jump into the mire of self-medication, are you sure you are on adequate medication? Do you have some recent blood test results to share?

I self-medicate, and have done for many years. But its not the route I would advocate until all other avenues have been explored.


Hi Ruthi - thanks for your reply. Unfortunately I can't tolerate a higher dose of Levo. My bloods are always 'fine' but symptoms of hypothyroidism, so docs increased Levo which resulted in a week in coronary care with unstable angina. Cardio wise I'm stable on 125mcg but hypothyroid symptoms problematic. I felt much, much better on Liothyronine (T3) but docs will not continue to prescribe it due to insufficient evidence, even though I've given them recent research promoting its inclusion in thyroid treatment. Really running out of options.



It may be better to try adding some Liothyronine (T3) to your Levothyroxine (T4). It can be easier to adjust the amount of T4 and T3 you take this way. The T4 and T3 in NDT is fixed.

I was also very unwell on Levothyroxine after being switched from T3. I self-medicated T4+T3 for 6 months and endo prescribed the combination because of the improvement in my health. I've been well on Levothyroxine and T3 combination for a couple of years.


Hi - yes I did this for a few months and felt great. Unfortunately my GP isn't happy to continue prescribing T3, and my thyroid doc just says no! I'm looking for a sympathetic endo but meanwhile think I will introduce T3 again as I have plenty. Will be super cautious but I do feel my body just cannot tolerate or convert T4 well. I'm keen to consider natural thyroid if synthetic T4/T3 combo doesn't help. Thanks for your input :)


Gosh, yes. I think think you would be far better to stick to T3, ideally at the same dose as you had before than introduce a new medication. You clearly need to go really carefully.

The T4 in NDT is not the same as that in levo, in that it is bound to a different molecule. I can't process or convert levothyroxine, but have less trouble with NDT. That might be part of your problem, of course, but you might also find that the natural T4 was far more effective, and put you back in hospital!


Hi - not sure of you can see my reply to Clutter. I think I'm going o cautiously add in T3 at v low dose as I have plenty in stock, and see how I do on that as I got on very well with combo previously. But I'm very interested in switching to natural product if things don't settle. I seem to be side-effect queen with synthetic drugs - have the same problem with antihypertensives. Thanks for your input - food for thought.


I fully understand, and share, your preference for something natural.

But my advice would be to get well with what you know first, and then experiment from a stable and healthy base (and with some T3 in stock!!!)


Yes - have been thinking exactly that!



I get a private prescription so can't help you with ndt purchase on line but I take Naturethroid and get on with it well. However remember we're all a bit different.

Do you know that you can ask you GP for a private prescription (for your t3)? I had a friend who had ndt prescribed on the NHS from 2000 to beginning of this year but was told she was no longer allowed it on the NHS. I suggested she ask her GP (who'd been merrily giving her an NHS prescription for years) and he agreed so she's not had to go back onto levo which doesn't suit her.

I know the t3 is damned expensive but a private prescription may be an option for you....just a thought

BTW -my Gp gives me the private prescription following on from me getting it initially from a private endo and then having it signed off by the NHS endo.


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