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Thyroid or cervical spondylosis

Hi there..2 years ago I started having head pressure, dizziness on a daily basis. I was diagnosed with under active thyroid. On having several mri scans to look further they discovered I have cervical spondylosis in the neck..I have just had my thyroxine put up to 125mg as my blood test showed I needed it increased..I have the dizziness and head pressure worse than ever..any advise would be greatly appreciated as at wits end and don't know what to do anymore.. Thank you

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Yes i have the same i didnt get the head pressure but developed chronic migraines that put me to my knees terrible, eventually they gave me an m.r.i of my head and neck and discovered cervical spondylosis, for me the treatment was botox injections in my head and neck it stops the pain although i still get migraines but can carry on with life.

I am sure others on here will give you some advice and i greatly sympathize i was told there is nothing else they can do as i have a lot of damage in my neck.

Hope you get sorted out soon

Dotti x


hypothyroid seems to cause cervical spondylosis but also levo can cause a host of unwanted side effects

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Thats interesting RF123, do you know of any studies /info i can show gp/endo of this link. Ive felt hypo again since oct and at same time my neck been v painful and seems to cause dizzy spells if turn head certain way. I need to get some evidence together as am going to try to get trial t3. I dont think levo is enough esp as hve no thyroid.


i do not know of any evidence other than how husband ,daughter and many other thyroid patients also suffer cervical spondylysis with hypothyroid

when you have no thyroid it seems that NDT works far better for many


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