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Advice- surgery

Hi there

I'm asking for advice for my sister.

She was diagnosed with a thyroid 'lesion' 3cm, about 3 months ago, has had various FN biopsies, the last one they told her 'inconclusive' and that could not rule out malignancy... Therefore, to have surgery to remove lesion and lobectomy (although since its an isthmal lesion, chances are that they will remove whole thyroid)...

She is slightly hypo (though they say she is fine as she sits on the cusp of lab ranges)

Anyone have any advice?

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Advise your sister to have her vitD checked. 40% of American patients having thyroidectomy are vitamin D deficient. Having good levels of vitD improves surgical outcomes and recovery.

I had hemilobectomy followed by completion thyroidectomy 3 months later. These are scheduled as day surgery with an over night stay for observation. Your sister should have plenty of liquids, soups and soft drinks available in case her throat is sore after surgery. I was find and able to eat normally. She may find turning her head uncomfortable for a couple of weeks and should refrain from driving until her neck is comfortable. She will need to rest for a couple of weeks after surgery.

If she has hemilobectomy it will depend on her thyroid levels whether she is prescribed replacement but if her TSH is top of range now I think she will need replacement. The nodule will be biopsied and if the tumour is malignant your sister may need completion thyroidectomy and follow up radioactive iodine ablatement dependent on what cancer she has, the size of the tumour and her age. If your sister has a total thyroidectomy she will be prescribed thyroid replacement the morning after surgery.


thank you :-) thats very informative, much appreciated... and yes, i very much imagine she is bit d deficient since she works indoors every day! thanks again


Once your sister has had a vitamin D test post the result here (in a new post) and ask for advice on how much she should supplement.


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