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Hi all!

Hi there. I'm hoping I've found the right place to help me make sense of life at the moment!

Boring history bit

I've had an underactive thyroid since 2000ish, medicated since 2004. In the past few years my weight and emotions have become uncontrollable and my energy levels are now so low I passed out while changing the bed sheets yesterday.

I have low B12 (now on 3 monthly jabs) but it's not pernicious anaemia, I have struggled with low vitamin D, folic acid & magnesium and the most recent tests say I have low cortisol and low blood sugar. I've got asthma, psoriasis, chronic sinusitis and get recurring oral thrush.

Something is most definitely broken in me, but right now getting my GP to take me seriously is just pointless. I asked him to refer me to an endocrinologist, which he did, but when I got there they asked why I was there! The GP hadn't even explained why I wanted the appointment. The endo doc then told me my problems were most likely caused by my weight rather than my weight being the result of an illness.

That coupled with news stories every day about the obese being such a massive drain on the NHS I feel guilty and hopeless. At one point I thought Cushing's could be a possibility (I have almost all of the symptoms & physical signs) but a suppression test shows I have low cortisol so it can't be that. I know I should be relieved but I just feel lost.

I don't know what I'm hoping for here really, all I know is I feel so guilty offloading on my family and I needed just to get all this stuff out of my head. Sorry for offloading on you!

PJ x

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Welcome to the forum, Princessjo.

Can you post your recent thyroid results and ranges (ranges are the figures in brackets after results). Members will advise whether you are optimally medicated on Levothyroxine. Being under medicated will make it impossible to lose any weight. Weight gain is a symptom of undiagnosed and under treated hypothyroidism. The ignorant endo you saw should know that. Once you are optimally medicated unwanted weight gain should cease but you will need calory control and exercise to lose the weight you have gained.


Hi, As I posted my prob I saw yours... Just wanted to say Hi and hugs... It's not boring or minor, as all you want is someone medical to say to you, we will work this out and find what's wrong... I think posting your results will get the 1st responses here, as people will then be able to comment rather than send virtual hugs like I am... You are in the right place... Jo 😊


Thanks Clutter & scorpiojo. Results were:

Serum TSH Level 3.5 mu/L (range 0.27 - 4.20mu/L)

Serum free T4 16 pmol/L (range 12.00 - 22.00pmol/L)

Hope these make sense.


Yes it makes sense 😊 Once on thyroid meds your TSH needs to be around 1 or under for you to feel well.

Your FT4 needs to be higher - so a dose increase would be good.

Having a T3 result would be helpful - to see if you are converting. Also Antibodies - Anti -TPO & Anti -Tg.

The following should also be tested - FERRITIN - FOLATE - B12 --VITD. They need to be optimal for you to feel well and not low in their various ranges.

How do you take your T4 ? Are you on any other meds that could be affecting your health ?

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Thanks for the info Marz. There's no T3 on the results so I assume they haven't tested. I guess I'll have to ask for that one as well as the Folate, Ferritin, B12 & D - they're going to love me! I have the B12 jabs but they don't seem to be making any difference.

I take Levothyroxine 175mcg every night before bed. Also take antidepressants and vit D & folic acid supplements.


Sorry yes I forgot you are on B12 injections - so any further testing will be greatly skewed and of little significance. A GOOD B Complex may help to keep all the B's in balance. What were your symptoms before starting the B12 injections ? Maybe the every 3 month protocol is NOT sufficient for YOU. Have you been checked for PA ? Do you have neurological symptoms ? There are Guidelines that should be followed.

I doubt the lab will test the FT3 as your TSH is in range. Are you able to have a Home Testing Kit sent to your home from Blue Horizon. It is used by many people on the Forum. It will also include Thyroid anti-bodies I mentioned earlier.

Go for Thyroid 11 - that will cover most things.

How much VitD are you taking ? - and what was your result when tested ?

Cannot help thinking that when your thyroid results are optimal - and VitD and B12 - you may not need the AD's. Some can compromise the uptake of T4. Your GP should advise.


All of these symptoms (except for your under-medication) can be caused by the low stomach acid that we hypos so often suffer. Underactive stomach means not enough stomach acid.

I'm not a big fan of STTM in general, but their article on low stomach acid is good.

Do the home test, and then try ACV or Betaine.


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