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Slow-release T3 online?

Hello again, everyone!

I have another request unfortunately...

Do you happen to know where I can get slow-release T3 online without prescription (I have one for T3 actually)?

Could you PM me?

I know normal T3 is deemed best choice since it can better saturate the cells at once and produce a long-lasting response/reaction in the cells' receptors but since I can feel even the slightest change in T4 dosage right away, I think T3 is used up even more quickly (I become hypo till next dose's time and since I don't take it at night, I become hypo by morning).

I would like to try some SR T3 alongside my T4 before trying NDT.

Thank you,


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Only compounding pharmacies make the slow releasing stuff.


Are there any compounding pharmacies that sell SR T3 online without a prescription?


Can those of you who have used or are using SR T3 tell me what the release chemical/substance should be.

What should be written on the prescription?

My GP (who is also a Hashimoto sufferer) can write me out a prescription for SR T3.

Thank you in advance.


SRT3 can be obtained here with a prescription from your GP:


Тhank you so much!

I forgot to mention: I am from Bulgaria. We are EU members so I think It will be possible to order and purchase from that site.

Is there anything specific my GP should write down in the prescription?


To be honest, I'm not sure about prescriptions in Bulgaria but here I think they just have to put slow release T3. I usually suggest people get their doctors to contact the company.


Thank you, lynmynott! Hope I can get my hands on SR T3 just to try it out.

I will keep you posted!


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