Slow-release T3 online?

Hello again, everyone!

I have another request unfortunately...

Do you happen to know where I can get slow-release T3 online without prescription (I have one for T3 actually)?

Could you PM me?

I know normal T3 is deemed best choice since it can better saturate the cells at once and produce a long-lasting response/reaction in the cells' receptors but since I can feel even the slightest change in T4 dosage right away, I think T3 is used up even more quickly (I become hypo till next dose's time and since I don't take it at night, I become hypo by morning).

I would like to try some SR T3 alongside my T4 before trying NDT.

Thank you,


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  • Only compounding pharmacies make the slow releasing stuff.

  • Are there any compounding pharmacies that sell SR T3 online without a prescription?

  • Can those of you who have used or are using SR T3 tell me what the release chemical/substance should be.

    What should be written on the prescription?

    My GP (who is also a Hashimoto sufferer) can write me out a prescription for SR T3.

    Thank you in advance.

  • SRT3 can be obtained here with a prescription from your GP:

  • Тhank you so much!

    I forgot to mention: I am from Bulgaria. We are EU members so I think It will be possible to order and purchase from that site.

    Is there anything specific my GP should write down in the prescription?

  • To be honest, I'm not sure about prescriptions in Bulgaria but here I think they just have to put slow release T3. I usually suggest people get their doctors to contact the company.

  • Thank you, lynmynott! Hope I can get my hands on SR T3 just to try it out.

    I will keep you posted!

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