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Could someone please give me some advice, I have an endo appt tomorrow but have a feeling I'm not going to get much joy. I know I'm jumping the gun but reading hundreds of posts from various people and seeing how the good old NHS tends to rely on a TSH I'm not holding out much hope so I'm planning on looking for a private endo/thyroid doctor and wondered if anyone knew where I could look for reliable info. Obviously I know everyone's experience with doctors is different but I'd rather go to someone who is let's say more open minded and prepared to look at all the thyroid numbers and symptoms rather than just a TSH level. Thanks Sara

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  • Munchlet If you email she will send you a list of 'thyroid friendly' doctors. See where it is possible for you to travel to then ask on the forum for feedback on any you are interested in. Replies to your request for feedback need to be by PM.

  • Thank you do much SeasideSusie, I will do that now.

  • Sadly there are private as well as NHS Endos who are not good. Have a look at the list from Louise and also if there isn't anyone in the area you are willing to travel in ask again for that. Do not write off the one you are seeing yet. Hopefully he may be the one. Go prepared to ask questions and remember all your symptoms. Then if you are unsure then post again.

  • Thanks Silverfox, sadly it wasn't a good experience I just posted about how patronising the nurse I saw was. I've emailed Louise so hopefully I'll be able to find someone more open minded by going privately.

  • Sorry it didn't work out

  • Remember the lists are individual recommendations so they may be more suited to one facet of thyroid problems where as you may need advice on another. May be when you have a name send a private message to the person concerned to ask about their experiences.

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