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Got back from work yesterday to a letter asking me to visit my GP as the local Clinical Commisioning group is concerned about the use of Liothyronine in my Oxford and would like to get everyone onto Levo. It then says there has been some concern over some time about this form of Thyroxine and that recently The Royal College of Physicians and the British Thyroid Association request that it isn't prescribed except for patients awaiting radioactive iodine treatment. It then goes on to state that this is because there are concerns about heart problems - palpitations and arrhythmia .

Currently get private prescriptions for 25mcg Lio which my gp has been happy to do under guidance from an Endo she referred me to.

Really can't face going back to the aches and brain fog and missing time off work.

Any thoughts?

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Sorry that is awful especially as it is not even correct. One dispares of the supposed endocrine experts. There was a post recently where someone just refused to change from T3 and the surgery backed off - worth a search ? It's been in the last two days I am sure. I'd write complaining to your MP. Others more knowledgeable about T3 than me may have some good advice for you. At the end of the day you can still buy it if you have to.



I suggest that if they have been requested by the RCP and the BTA then they should produce copies of the letters/emails/whatever else they are claiming the decision is based on.

I am intrigued by the possibilities that the word "recently" opens up. If it is the statement of a few years ago, what sort of dereliction of duty by the CCG to have ignored it this long?

Further, the document I am thinking of is clearly intended to apply to primary hypothyroidism. I can think of no reason it should be applied to reduced sensitivity to thyroid hormone, secondary or tertiary (central) hypothyroidism, depression refractory to treatment, and other possible reasons for it being prescribed. So a blanket ban is totally inappropriate. (Even if they have absolutely no patients taking it for those reasons! A ban should be properly considered and based on evidence.)

There is growing evidence that inadequate T3, however caused, is itself a cause of many health issues.


When I saw my endo this week she said the CCG had approached them regarding the use of liothyronine but that all of the endos had agreed that in certain cases it was essential e.g. Where people cannot convert Levo sufficiently.


Take a look at my new post:

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Many thanks for your replies. Feeling a lot more confident and armed for a visit to the GP.


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