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Sourcing Reliable T3?

Can someone help me with where I can source T3 reliably, and give me some information on costs? I have come to the end of the line with the endocrinologist who gave me to understand that with my profile he could not prescribe it, but would continue to monitor me via normal blood tests if I sourced it myself. He advised my GP to cut my Levo last September based on my TSH level (!) but now suggests that I take more Levo again based on my latest tests (T3 the same, TSH very slightly raised but T4 dropped). I feel very hypo, having received a Fitbit for xmas and following a moderate walking regime (partly to try to lose some of the extra weight gained since the cut in Levo) which has effectively run my battery down so low that I am at a very low ebb. He wouldn't test for reverse T3, said he can only do it once so might do it next time. I have had enough with living like this and think T3 is at least worth a try. Please PM me with information on T3 sources if you can!

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I hope you've had some feedback via private messages.

Hi Clutter, are you able to advise me via PM where to obtain T3 ? Many thanks

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