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hypertension - too much NDT or licorice root?

I have been on Adrenaplex for the past few months, after successfully (and finally) managing to wean myself of Medrol (put on it in late 2011 after being diagnosed with adrenal fatigue by Hertoghe doctor).

Adrenaplex contains licorice root, and I know you are supposed to avoid that if you suffer from hypertension which I do (I have been on blood pressure medication and beta blockers since late 2011). Even after losing 20 kilograms/3.2 st I seem unable to get my systolic pressure below 140 as recommended (last night, BP was 151/76, resting pulse 88). I found this info on a site called Tired Thyroid, and am currently wondering if I should assume I am slightly overmedicated on NDT, or if licorice root could indeed be the culprit...Lab results from Dec 15 2016 indicated I was indeed overmedicated (FT3 4.6, ref 1.7-3.7), so I cut back 1 grain last week. I have currently no (other) symptoms of being overmedicated.

This is the information I found on Tired Thyroid:

If you are taking T3 in any form (desiccated thyroid or liothyronine like Cytomel), and your systolic BP is over 140 mm Hg while your diastolic number is less than 90 mm Hg, you may need to adjust/reduce your dose. A resting heart rate over 85 beats per minute also suggests overmedication, as does any form of arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat, especially atrial fibrillation).

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Yet my blood pressure going up is a sign for me that I need a little more NDT. Eg. Last week heart rate went up again to 140/86 average along with other things and I upped by 1/4 and blood pressure back to 119/75. We really are all so different aren't we... sigh... never simple it 😏


Thank you! Yes, hypertension is common in hypothyroidism, as far as I understand, whereas hyperthyroid people tend to have low BP...and, to be quite honest, I did not feel even a bit hyperthyroid even when my FT3 levels were out of range. I agree, it's very complicated and often feels like every time I take one step forward, I end up taking two steps back...


I don't know anything specific about Adrenaplex or any other adrenal supplements. I do know that some of them contain adrenaline. I took an adrenal supplement a few years ago (briefly) before I knew I had high cortisol and didn't need them (I was a novice at the time), and my heart rate and blood pressure both rose quite scarily. I'm sure it was the adrenaline that caused the major problems.

Do you know if Adrenaplex contains adrenaline? Some adrenal supplements do, some don't.

I can't remember why now but I took liquorice root for some reason, also a few years ago. It raised my BP quite dramatically even when I was taking the DGL form of liquorice so I avoid it now.

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Adrenaplex contains adrenal glandular so I'd think it contains adrenaline (as far as I know, the only way to avoid adrenaline is to choose adrenal cortex only supplements).

I have been diagnosed with adrenal fatigue, based on blood and urine 24 h urine analyses, but I think I had better avoid taking supplements containing adrenal glandular in the future...

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