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Continuing Hairloss any positive stories appreciated!

Been shedding hair fir well I've 15 months now and mess have finally seemed to have settled at 125 levo. I've taken but d b cuts iron biotin fir over a year with little or no improvement.

Next stop scalp biopsy in 8 weeks or so. Thinner on top so possibly androgenic alopecia or rare form of alopecia areata (diffuse) but I'm still praying somehow with my thyroid meds levelled out there is still hope of recovery without minoxidil steroids etc. Such a horrid journey and no one understands unless it's happened to them. Much worse things in life but it's so hard and I still don't know why after seeing top endo and dermo several times.

If anyone has a positive experience with thyroid recovery and recovered or improved Hairloss I'd be so grateful to hear from you 🙂

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Sorry, in a rush and need to be quick but, do you know what your ferritin level is? Apparently low levels can cause hair loss and needs to be well up in range to reverse it. Probably worth checking out. =)


Also low Vit D levels can cause hair loss.

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