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Having to buy my own NDT as nhs wont fund it! I would like to go private but confused as I am already medicated?

I have had an underactive thryroid for 16years. Firstly had thyroxine but it made me feel rubbish, then my GP let me try Armour then Erfa. Now I cannot get NDT on the nhs so have been forced to purchase it myself. My question is, I was thinking to go and see someone private but seeing as I am medicated I'm not sure how I would go about this.? Any advice appreciated. Thanks.

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Whether or not you are medicated doesn't prevent you seeing an endocrinologist.

Most private consultants require a GP referral letter. Email for a list of member recommended endocrinologists.



Thanks I think I have this list. I know I can see one, I think I am medicated so what will they do, there own blood tests. Struggling to find one in the Manchester area.



What is it you are hoping to achieve by seeing an endocrinologist?

Thyroid blood tests will be required to see whether you are optimally medicated. It will probably be cheaper to order your own thyroid bloods if you have the option.


You don't need to see an endocrinologist or any other doctor to get private blood tests done.

You can order blood testing yourself online.

What happens :

1) Find the test(s) you want to get done and order them online.

2) The kit you need to take a blood sample is sent to you through the post. Tests can be either finger-prick tests or they may require a full blood sample from a vein like nurses usually do. If phlebotomy (blood taking) is required that will cost more, unless you know someone who can do it for you for free - a relative, friend or colleague for example. Most of us order finger-prick testing whenever possible.

3) The blood samples are sent back to the lab through the post.

4) Results are returned to you via email.

Some useful links :

A popular test for thyroid patients :

About finger prick testing :


I forgot to say - once you have your results, post them in a new post on here and ask for feedback.


Sorry, I haven't made my message clear. I was thinking of seeing either a private doctor or endocrinologist so I can hopefully get a private prescription for my NDT. At the moment I have to buy it on the internet, which I dont like and it is a worry as its unreliable ( as said previously I could get it on the nhs up to 2 years ago, but they wont fund it now). I had been seeing an Endocrinologist on the NHS but he does not prescribe NDT, but he was aware I was purchasing it myself. (My gp asked me to go just for monitoring)

I was merely commenting that a private doc/endo would want to do their own blood tests and see I am fully medicated (although still have some fatigue). Hope that is clearer.



Probably much more expensive with private prescription and you might stll have to buy online (just with a prescription, so a few more options)


What you are asking will cost a fortune.

Every appointment with the private doctor will cost a lot of money.

Every blood test a doctor arranges privately will cost more than any testing you arrange privately for yourself.

Every private prescription will cost money to be issued.

Every private prescription will cost a lot of money to be dispensed - far more than you would pay if you bought it online without prescription.

A doctor you see privately will probably do little more testing than an NHS doctor would do. And they will interpret them according to NHS rules because they are most likely to be NHS doctors most of the time, and will only do private work to top up their income.

I realise that buying online is scary. But, seriously, you'll probably get much better treatment if you rely on yourself.


If you want to see someone privately, Louise Roberts has a list of endos and doctors who have been helpful to someone. You can ask her by email on for a copy of the list.


Ok, I hear what you are saying. I appreciate you takine the time to reply.

Thank you


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