Sleep Paralysis

Does anyone get this when sitting on their chair watching tv or with the iPad on their lap?? IS this to do with underactive,thyroid maybe.

I sleep quite well, but and am quite,active,during the morning but,when I,relax in my recliner after lunch I can fall into a deep sleep,without even feeling tired at all..Usually,for,less,than half,an hour...then maybe late evening and wake up sometimes just before bedtime, but still sleep well after reading in bed for,a,while...It's a weird,feeling I'm fighting almost a losing battle to wake..don't think I've been dreaming or any visual problems,as manage to wake.though not knowing where I,am..this,happens most,days once or twice each day

I am on 25 Lecothyroxine..prob may need increase I know


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  • Definitely need increase. I identify with you totally as will many, many others when not on optimal meds. My best wishes to you.

  • Hello Hather. I am not sure why you refer to it as 'sleep paralysis'? I can well understand the disorientation unasked for 'sleep' brings - if it is what has plagued me on and for years I agree that it is very weird when you feel you simply cannot fight it. The one thing that always changes this in me is diet. I am currently not eating ANY grains, dairy or sugar. I have slept as you describe just once in 8 days. In fact I am following a Whole30 programme and in this at least I see immediate improvement. That and snoring.

  • Yes sugar gives you a high then a crash but so can other foods if they are high in carbs. The other thing that comes to mind is electro magnetic waves from tablets, laptops etc. I have been suspicious for a long time that holding these close to the body is detrimental to health or even using them however you are sitting. It is worth researching. Are you going too long without food, little snacks of good protein/fat/low carb helps to regulate blood sugars, some recommend not going longer than two and a half hours. These are worthy considerations as well as your thyroxine dosage.

  • Agree with all the above ...but my 'sleeps' are not crashes per se.... I certainly feel diabolical after certain foods that have a high glycemic load but can also sleep many times in a day -20 mins to an hour or even 2 - when I am at my physical lowest. Oxygen ( lack of?) seems to play a role. If Hatha had some blood results I am sure the community might be able to comment re meds. ( Since taking t3 only I am also way less likely to 'sleep' than before....)

  • That is a good point regarding lack of oxygen catrich, I notice I am much sleepier in the afternoon in the winter months when I tend not to be out and about so much and sitting around more.

  • I have similar experiences, no matter what time of the day, or how well I slept at night, if I sit down for any length of time, I fall asleep. I then struggle to come out of it. It's a horrible feeling. The only thing I can suggest is keep moving, it's the only way I can avoid it.

    I know that I am under medicated at the moment and am seeing an endo next month, so I would say you should get checked out again, it sounds like you're under too.

  • Yes I possibly under medicated..diagnosed last June TSH 3.94 T4. 13.9. Had two blood tests have form to take I. For another in March..may phone to ask if I can take,it in sooner..not sure. If the TFT blood tests covers all the things that know.egable people mention on here or not though..I am only on 25 which I know is very low..she said my hormones were ok on the June test except for Vit D which was borderline, but said this was to do with bone scan, which I still have not had the appt for.. I am usually very active,before lunch, walking down the town and back up hill with no trouble but do rest after lunch ...Thanks to everyone for replying..I,will see what the next blood,test shows then post 😊👍 Hather

  • Yes, this is me every day.

    As soon as I get home from work and sit down, to look at my laptop, I fall asleep for about an hour or so, only usually woken up by a text or a reminder on my 'phone. I don't feel optimally medicated on 100mcgs of levo and my endo has no idea what's wrong with me. He says I'm hypo AND hyper. I have hypopituitarism Thyroid Eye Disease and now am pre-diabetic and have high blood pressure - all are thyroid related. My endo stopped me from using NDT (although to be fair I wasn't very successful with it) as he said he can't monitor me.

    You need an increase in medication! I'm going to ask for an increase when I have my next hospital blood test, which should be next week, if I every get the forms off the endo to have them.

  • 25 is a very low starter dose and usually only given if doctor has concerns about other health issues but it can make you feel worse than not having it do it is given only to get your body used to it. You should have been told to go back after 6 weeks for another test. It takes that length of time to get the full effect of the dosecin the body. If results confirm your dose isn't high enough then TOY should get a 25 mcg increase and start the process again repeating until you are the correct level for you. If your doctor does not know this you need to find someone who does!

  • SIlver Fox..she said the results after the six weeks were normal..maybe,she meant within the normal range though and then gave me a form to take to the hospital in six months,which would be a March..the thing is I don't understand the TFT test one that gives all the necessary information ?

    ..and comparing my symptoms with others suffering on here I don't feel unwell, sure, well I am really quite mobile,and sleep ok,at night and don't get depresssed ..really..yes I deep,sleeps,digestion and vowel problems and have this worry about Lecothyroxine and Omaprazole never know quite when to take the latter..I,get,conflicting advice, so sometimes don't take,the,Omaprazole,every,day..also,take Simvastatin every night..

    BEwildering but,this site,is very informative, but as I am 81 some of all the technical advice,is,difficult to really understand.

    Thanks for your,reply .much appreciated HAther

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