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Auto-Immune Hypothyroidism and university

Hey everybody,

I am going to university in September and I was diagnosed with Auto-Immune Hypothyroidism- I was wondering if I am entitled to any support etc? As I am always tired and spend twice as long on my school work compared to others. If there is any help please could you let me know and how I go about getting it please?

Thank you

Chelsea x

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Are you in the UK? I think there is a benefit called Disability Living Allowance and I believe it is different from ESA in that you can still work and study etc whilst claiming.

I am not on benefits and have only learned about the whole system recently whilst helping out a friend after an operation. Really not sure if Hypothyroidism would be covered.

Why not do some research and let share what you find.



This looks helpful

tips on how to go about a claim


Just a couple of things that might help. Most universities have a disability advisor and as you're not going there until September, you'll have plenty of time to get in touch with them. They will have lots of info which may help.

If you do apply for Disability Living Allowance then it is always adviseable to get help filling in the forms from someone who specialises in this and the disability advisor might be that person for you. Or the Citizens Advice Bureau has advisors who are skilled in helping individuals apply. The forms are long and it is easy to get tired and depressed when doing them - it is so important that you include absolutely everything about your condition and, to be honest, the process itself can be exhausting. Get all the help from the specialists that you can, because it is easy to make a mistake and lose your claim, especially if you are feeling tired or unwell when you apply.

Good luck! I was a mature student, hypothyroid + other disabilities about 15 years ago and managed to complete the course and get my degree. If you get the right support from the beginning, it is much easier. And you have time now to do that. All the best.


Are you taking the correct amount of thyroid hormones to make you feel well? Sounds like you possibly aren't.


My blood tests come back with normal Thyroid numbers but I am also Ameamic


Do you know what is normal for you? These are ranges and you may need to be at the top end of the range or you may need a different medication. Once the thyroid is treated to make you well, you will probably find your anaemia resolves itself, in the meantime, are you taking iron meds? Make sure you don't take them within around 4 hours of your thyroid medication otherwise this will interfere with it.


Just wanted to say good luck Chelsea.

"I am always tired and spend twice as long on my school work compared to others."

me too! I think maybe you need to sort out if you need thyroxine to help with the concentration - I can only read short blogs let alone a whole book! Jane x


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