Hashis and Gluten Free

Hi all

Would love to hear stories about people going gluten free and whether it helped your hypothyroidism/ hashis.

Does it need to be a strict 100% gluten free diet or can you have a couple of 'cheat days' a month!

Thanks in advance.

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Have just been diagnosed- I started gluten free today and am getting bloods done in 6weeks. I hope to see an improvement. I think if gluten is an issue you need to be 100% free. I am hoping to know after 6 weeks whether is worth continuing or not!

Are you taking thyroxine too or just seeing what gluten free does alone?

I am not Hashi's but from reading posts from Hashi's patients on here it needs to be 100% gluten free. Some members have posted about having setbacks lasting a considerable time, and even very uncomfortable symptoms, from even just one 'slip up'.

I am GF... to the best of my knowledge. It has taken me years rather than months to reduce anti-bodies. Mine were very high. Due annual check any day 😊

Yes, it helps. Must be 100% - no cheating or cross contamination.

I went gluten free 6 years ago and never looked back.

Try Paleo, it's the best day to adaptor and lots of great recipes these days.

You might think about avoiding corn, milk, and soya, too. All are problematic.

Good luck!

I am trying gluton free with good results . My tummy and bowel are more comfortable and regular🙂 Had inappropriate hunger pains ( not pleasant) shortly after eating . Woke me every night around 4ish with awful sensation of extreme hunger. Having stopped bread and using gluton free stuff that stmptom had stopped🙂🙂

My brother (no thyroid issues to knowledge?). Came by this result having canoed around a Scotish Island, unable to get much food, no bread, cured his stomach of bloating. Has remained gluton free since.

I dont know if I had hashi beforr thyroid cancer as I had no tests to me knowledge.

But gluton seems to be a problem for lots of people.

I lost that thickness around my middle even though I am s bit underweight.

Find I can eat more now without discomfort

Going GF definitely helped with my digestive problems. I did have slip ups at Christmas. It has taken me a couple of weeks to start feeling better again.

I finally went gluten free this year. Complete transformation. More details on my profile.

I had absolutely no gut symptoms and two negative blood tests for coeliac, but endoscopy confirmed "non-typical" coeliac.

Personally I find being in gluten free diet easy, because I feel so very very much better.

There are lots of GF options. M&S are great.

Eating out can be tricky - some restaurants are difficult. Others are a dream - e.g. Leon's 😀

Eating at friends or family is the hardest, especially if they think it just a "diet fad!"

Makes no difference to me whatsoever!

I have cut out carbohydrates, bread, pasta, rice, potatoes etc and have been much better, most of the pain and bloating is mainly under control. I do find gluten free products revolting, however, tasting like sawdust, and to add insult to injury very expensive. Eating out is a problem, though, as I have quite a small appetite now and cannot face restaurant meals, especially in an evening. It does save a fortune, though! I have also lost 2 stones.

I was diagnosed with hashi's 8 months ago and feel so much better now with my 125mg levo, change in diet and multiple vitamins and minerals (as advised by the good people on this forum) and not pushing myself too hard. I try to pace myself and not keep going until I am exhausted. I have had a couple of bouts of coughs and colds which left me feeling ill, but I have boosted my vit c etc. And hope that will do the trick. I am fortunate enough to be retired and have a very understanding family who support me fully in my regime.

Good luck with your eating plan. It can be done.

The bread I find is the most disgusting but then I came across Schar and the rolls are quite nice and don't leave that horrible feeling of thick paste in your mouth, same with their bread schaer.com/en-uk/p/seeded-c...

M&S gf bread slices are also good.

m and s not local for me. I've gone off them since the chicken farm horror prior to Christmas

I went GF also and not sure if it was a coincidence but after six weeks did the Medichecks finger prick test mid December 2016 and antibodies had come down to 310 which is still a lot over (0-34) but local hospital test in October 2016 they were over 1300 (which is as far as lab measuring goes 0-60) but am wondering if this is a different type of measuring altogether. Back in July 2016 469.5 (0-34) So I am a bit confused. I had a food intolerance test done and have been cutting back on dairy as well. Been taking s.boulardi probiotics. To be honest I don't feel any better but have other health problems to contend with so I am not surprised. I just want to get antibodies down if I can as GP says "it's a virus" so will be left until thyroid is destroyed!!

:-) day 3 gluten free here! Too early to report on whether it helps or not yet

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