Optimum temperature

hi all,

just had another increase of levo to 100 mcg now starting to feel better supplementing vit D, B12 etc as both very low. I have always had a temperature of around 35 as long as I can remember and never knew it was thyroid related. Anyway have started back on diet and lost 2.5lb yeah this week. Thought id take temperature to c if that had improved and it was 36.3 this is big improvementfor me, but not sure what is optimum level? Can anyone advise please.


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  • Speckles70,

    Normal temperature is 37degrees but it can vary by 0.6 degrees above or below so your 36.3 is normal.


  • fabulous. Think this is a first for me 😊. Does this mean I should lose weight normally now via dieting and gentle exercise?

  • Speckles70,

    I think it just means your metabolism is better but you said you have lost 2.5lbs this week so diet is obviously working.

  • yes it has this week and hopefully it continues this time. X

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