I have been taking my temperature in readiness for my next GP appointment. Before,when I was on Levo. I would get very cold and tired during the evening.On the worse occasions my temperature would be as low as 34c. Since the change to T4/T3 combo I have felt a little better.But I thought I would do a quick check on things this week.Early morning basal temp. is 35.5-36c. Evening/bedtime temp. are 34.8-35.1c. Is it "normal" for evening temps. to be lower?and does a low temp. mean a need to up meds.? This is my first month on the new 'script.

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I think that temp go up slightly during the day and then down again when you start producing melatonin. 36 may be OK early in the morning but 35 is definitely not normal in the evening.I actually just checked this today. If you go by Dr Rhind, he says that you do 3 readings over the day, before you get up, mid day and when you go to bed. The mean should work out to 37. sounds like you are hypo still



Thanks roslin,I shall do the three readings and show them to my GP. Mine you when I told him about my 34c he just raised his eyebrows.


Hi It can be, Also low body temp not always associated with thyroid, Mine is 35.4, I am on the correct thyroid treatment, it has never been any different.



Thanks Jackie.


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