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Is it all coming back?!

Feel very upset and frustrated. Many years ago, not only did I deal with anxiety but I dealt with feelings of inbalance, a kind of vertigo, spacy head etc. I found many years later, after I had been diagnosed hypothyroid, that for a long time my T4 had been very low but I was never diagnosed at that stage.

It has only been since I have been taking T3 that those feeling disappeared.

Some 4 years later I have had transient feelings of this loss of confidence because some of those weird dizzy, off balance, spacey feelings are coming back. Ive had a new order of T3 and it seems to be since I received them. Do we think there's any possibility I was sent a bad batch. Also the pains in my legs etc which have never disappeared, aare coming back in full force.

I very much don't want to return to my old feelings that made life hell. Any ideas please.

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That could be a possiblilty but may be you could add the name and batch then if that matches with anyone else they can comment.

If you have any recent bloods from your doctor and the ranges that would help as well. Have you have B12, folate and Vit D tested as they are essential to Thyroid health and we are often low, many of us supplement. We often need to be high in the ranges to feel well and many doctors feel if we are in range we are fine, not always fine for us!

Pains in your legs could be low Vit D and low B12 so testing would help to clarify that. Vit D does fall in the winter months so a good time to get it looked at.


Can i please jump in (sorry!) and ask if being in the 'optimum range' means being at the higher range? I see it a lot but unsure if that is what is meant by optimum range, and to do this, is a higher dose of levo recommended? Just wondering really x


I too had wicked vertigo to the point where I couldn't stand up, which has subsided in the 18 months since diagnosis. But when I am stressed some of those symptoms become reactivated. Never to the degree of pre diagnosis though. Also diet. I had chocolate and wine during Holidays and noticed the emotional, not so rational thoughts had come back also to a slight degree. Just a thought. I hope you are feeling better soon.


I agree about testing for nutrient deficiencies and getting current labs, including free T3, free T4, reverse T3, thyroid antibodies, and cortisol. You may also want to have sex hormones tested too... progesterone, DHEA, testosterone, and estrogens.

Are you on a gluten free diet? Do you have "leaky gut"?

Or maybe easiest to get a new batch of pills...

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Oh that's exactly how I'm feeling. Drs think it's BPPV but I'm sure it's linked to thyroid.

Sorry I can't help but I will be intrigued to read your replies!

I had wonderered if it was pituitary imbalances but a brain scan (unlinked) and blood tests showed not.


It's possible that filler/binders could have been changed slightly.

Try taking an anti-histamine tablet one hour before your next T3 and if you don't have the reaction return T3 to chemist and complain.

Is it UK T3 you are prescribed:


Sadly it is not UK T3. My doctor won't prescribe and my enocrinologist has told me I mustnt take T4. Although he suggests I continue to get it irresponsible. However, I don't want any problems while Im fighting my cause.

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No, I do know what you mean. I had been fine on the T3 I was using so when some symptoms appeared. I just assumed it was due to being hypo.

Dizzyness was the main one as well as not feeling too good overall. As I was away from home I had to buy another T3 and I had no problems with it. Of course that wont appy to everyone.


Other possible explanations are, doing extra activity can bring back symptoms, particularly if you're slightly under medicated. So if routine has changed even a bit, or the kind of activity changed that can do it.

Another possibility is that over a lifetime needs can change. This definitely happens when people are on T4 only, but I'm not sure if it can happen on T3 also.

I don't think either of these are more likely than a bad batch, just other possibilities.


I thought I forgot to take my t3 two nights ago - I take 40mcg in the night and I'm normally highly organised, put it in a separate pot but just back from holiday so a bit chaotic. I didn't take extra for fear of overdoing it. Sure enough this morning I woke with vertigo. Whenever I'm low the vertigo comes back again. I no longer mention it to the endo - who thinks that's a crazy idea.

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Im so careful with my diet but over the last couple of weeks with xmas etc my gluten free and low alcohol diet has gone a bit astray. Im guessing it might be that even.



All my sympathy. I believe now that for me, my symptoms are due to Epstein Barr Virus and lyme. Yes, I had two of the standard lyme tests that said I am negative for lyme, but diagnosing lyme is complicated. (See info below.)

For many years I thought my issue was I just needed the RIGHT thyroid medication, I am now embarking on natural virus treatment (Lee Cowden, Dr. Amy Meyers, and others).

My short medical bio: diagnosed w/Hashimoto's 17 years ago; last two years went through extensive adrenal treatments, including hydrocortisone, DHEA, pregnenolone, progesterone; now dealing with same symptoms as you.

I eat an autoimmune paleo diet; drink only spring water; walk briskly daily for 40 minutes; retired, with low-stress lifestyle.


> Feel Bad? It Could Be Lyme Unless Proven Otherwise



Dr. Lee Cowden says multiple ways to contract lyme disease:

Cowden: "It's an epidemic in this country, well over half the population are infected, and maybe a quarter of them are having symptoms from it. It's a big problem."

Q: You could probably talk about this for a long time, but what do you think about the way Lyme is spread? Since you just said that half the population of the country has been infected. How do you think we're getting it?

Cowden: "Only a very small percentage of those have contracted Lyme disease through a tick bite, the way conventional medicine thinks. I think the most common way of spreading it is through sexual intercourse. But I think it's also spread, and is proven in peer review medical literature, to be spread by mosquito bites. It's likely spread by drinking unpasteurized milk from mother's breast, or from the cows or goats, and it's probably contracted by consuming poorly cooked meats, as well. Vertical transmission from the mother to the fetus through the placenta has also been documented, as well."


Hello Numberone1, nice to see you back on here, we met in Kent some years ago when you organised a get-together. I seemed to think you were doing ok. I found your post interesting. I have been suffering vertigo/dizziness/tinnitus/spacey feeling no matter what I take. I too took T3 only, and was reasonably fine, but on the advice of somebody on here I switched to Naturethroid (I don't have a thyroid and it makes a difference), I think I am doing a bit better on this medication, however the symptoms remain. I too have lowish T4. I know it doesn't answer your question, however like the other replies here you are not alone.


Hi Margo! I do remember you. I had hoped to continue with the support group but I didn't get much interest although I am thinking of trying again. The slight dizziness is annoying me now. I can't imagine what is different other than maybe the last batch of T3 might have other fillers. However, somebody suggested I take an antihistamine which I did today and I think it might have worked. However, Im also thinking that as I take Atenolol, the brand I use changed with this month;s repeat and Ive been taking that for 6 days. I wonder if the fillers in those even are causing it.

Do you think I should try the support group again? I had a very nasty message from one of the people who came to the second meeting I arranged and it sort of put me off.

Are you well now?

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Hello Numberone1, Yes I think that was good advice to take antihistamines. I had a lot of bother with T3 and the different batches.

No, I wouldn't bother to try another support if somebody sends you nasty messages, why put yourself through it, you don't need that kind of stress. I think this site is an enormous support and has helped me enormously.

Hope you sort the problem soon. x


Hi there,

Also wanted to share, yes i can relate to your experience and this is my own conclusion to what is best for me, it may also help you and any others out there,

Please seek medical advice for anything you not sure of,.

I too have had the same feelings anxiety, spacey head, over thinking, not thinking clearly sometimes, some days I just cannot think too much, I'm over whelmed by sad things I see either on the TV or I read, and Ive become a cryer when I was such a touch person able to handle anything thrown at me in life.

After going to doctors and Endos for years and them all telling me this and that crap and everything else but never getting to a point and giving me any REAL answers, their answer is take the pill you be right

WELL, I'm NOT ALRIGHT I TOLD ONE DOCTER and walked out the room and have not been back since.

I went off to self-research, and self-help myself, getting off medication because its un-natural and know it caused me to get some symptoms of Osteoporosis. Now i take NDT 100gm once a day or once every 12 hours as this is how our Thyroid works, and the aching stopped so that's a bonus and the brain fog went.

I'm now totally beginning to believe that everything we experience in sickness no matter what it is you have been diagnosed with and mine is Hypothyroid too, always is affected by the food we eat and drink we consume, Its something to do with the preservatives and additives and every other fake thing they put inside just to make it look good.

We have been over looking the main thing that is making us all sick = FOOD

However, FOOD is not the enemy as it also can cure us as well.

We must also learn to fast as out forefathers were all fasters

It's a matter of going back to the basics of how our forefathers used to eat and copy them.

When it comes back to the basics, like us we all need a holiday at the end of the year to enjoy time off just shut down and relax, no work for at least one day, it rejuvenates us relaxes our minds from such a busy world.

So does the body needs to rest so all our organs are so thankful able to stop just for short time and reset and then they are HAPPY to start up and enjoy all natural good raw food, the more raw better, drinking clean water as the tap water is loaded with fluoride that is toxic to the Thyroid including other sickness.

Anyhow that's my own theory and I have started fasting and learning to eat more raw and I can say my body is so much better and although I have not reached my goal, I do see the light at the end of the tunnel when it always seemed so dark.

Hope this inspires you to also make changes in food groups and search out your most natural foods you love to eat, and try fasting at least 2 days a week, from at night till 12 pm lunch next day just sipping on cool water. We sleep for 8 hours so theirs the 1st part done, and when you get up just sip on water through to lunch once you did it once your body gets used to a pattern, and it will thank you for it, as not only do you give your body a rest from digesting all the food and drink we eat, but you get a chance for it to rid itself of all the toxins and it gives you a light feeling and feeling good, you can also loose weight so there is another benefit.

Its absolute rubbish they say we need to eat breakfast, yes for some who are busy or training or have exams or even studying, but not all the time, we also need to have a break from eating so out body can rest itself and have time to heal and eliminate toxins properly, 8 hours is not enough, we need at least 2 to 3 days of 12 hours fasting.

Do not fast more than 12 hours as your body does need some food for fuel nutirent, good raw fruit and vegetable, unless you are used to it and understand your own body.

I know people who have cured sickness from fasting and eating raw natural foods.

Save your treats for the weekend lifes to short not to reward yourself,

Even the docters know this info but they wont tell you cause they dont make any money out of us if we are all cured !

Food for thought, take care sharing is caring, please let me know what you think or has anyone else out there tried this way of living.

Keep smiling in a crazy world. :)


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