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I just got this in - There was a extra note with my blood tests and the first part says I am not gluten Intollerent but then the second part says this and I cant translate it so I fully understand what it is telling me.-

toutefois, il conviendra de s'assurer de l'absence de deficit en lgA totales.

Tagging you AGAIN greygoose sorry !!

The only thing thats flagged up on my results is this:

Leucocytes (gloubules blancs)

Polynucleaires eosinphiles 8.6% My result 0.61 - the range is (0.02 - 0.58)


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  • According to Google Translate it means :

    "However, it should be ensured that there is no deficit in total IgA"

    Do I understand this? Nope! Sorry!

  • Haha = Me too! :)

  • 10/10! lol Ummm... I feel I should know what IgA is... but I don't! Google? This looks helpful :

    It explains why you need IgA. So, I suppose, that little note is suggesting that your doctor test IgA to make sure you've got enough.

    The problem is, Zuzka1, the blood test isn't 100% reliable. You can still be gluten intolerant - or even have Coeliac's - even if the blood test is negative. The best thing you can do is try going gluten free for about three months, and see if anything improves. If it doesn't, try eating gluten again, and see if anything gets worse! :)

  • Ok thank you greygoose as always.

    I started Gluten Free yesterday as I just can't cope with the tummy pain anymore.

    I also had my gallbladder out 8 years ago and I'm wondering if this is related.

    Either way I am going to go and see my DR on Thursday and get a appointment with a gastro DR.

    Thank you thank you thank you.


  • There is a connection between hypo and gall stones. I think you'll find most hypos have their gall bladder our at some point. I had mine out about ten years ago. Hasn't caused me any problems, though.

  • Ohhh interesting. I had no idea about that!

  • I think it's something to do with the way the body handles cholesterol when T3 is low - but don't quote me on that! :)

  • Ok so would that explain why I am sooo bloated, have bad tummy cramps/pain and always and I mean always have the runs? Sorry TMI!'

  • No, I don't think so, doesn't sound like there's any connection. That's more likely to be a gut problem.

  • Ok. Gastronomic dr it is. Thank you x

  • You're welcome. :)

  • yes...removing the gall bladder upsets the whole digestive system take milk thistle tincture 3 times a day plus bio kult and go gluten free

  • Ok thank you. I will look this up on line 😊

  • bio kult from

    milk thistle tincture but get the larger sizes as much cheaper its perfectly safe and restores good liver function

    all my lot are gluten intolerant only one is full blown coeliac

  • - I recommend site for Milk thistle and all other interesting tinctures. All Organic. And tinctures have to be made with alcohol to release the herb's beneficial chemicals. No grain alcohol is used - they use alcohol from organic sugar so totally gluten/grain free :)

  • gluten intolerance is highly likely in many hyothyroids the tests will only show full blown coeliac

    go completely gluten free for 3 months and take a reakly good probiotic like bio kult

  • Check out Ann Louise Gittleman - She is the Gall Bladder/ Bile/Digestion Queen of functional medicine. Go to her website I have listened to a few Summit interviews - amazing. Podcasts on her site if you click on the Brilliant Bile Cure link on home page. Lots of info for you to make notes of before your GP appointment :)

  • This really needs a more fluent speaker as the subtleties have escaped Google! I would translate this as "however this should be confirmed by an IgA challenge" In other words they only tested one type of immune reaction to gluten not all. Different types as I understand - IgA, IgE and IgG.


  • Thank you!

    I started my GF journey yesterday as I just can't take it anymore!

    I will see my GP on Thursday and ask to see a gastro.

    Thank you. Am v grateful


  • No, that's not what it says. Sorry. :)

  • Ok - sorry if I was wrong - I meant it needed a more fluent speaker than me!

  • Coeliac blood test is definitely not reliable. My gastroenterologist told me it is only correct about 60% of time. (Can give false positive and well as false negative)

    I had two negative coeliac blood tests. But went GF with fantastic improvement. Endoscopy confirmed that I am "non-typical or A-typical coeliac". I had absolutely no gut symptoms, only mild, underlying unexplained anxiety. This completely disappeared within days of going gluten free.

    Link below to research paper looking into anxiety and/or depression being a recognised presentation of non-typical coeliac or gluten intolerance

  • I am 100% going to my DR on Thursday and asking to see a gastro DR. Thank you so much. Mara

  • NHS gluten tests are from the stone age. I listened to Professor Marsh speaking on The Gluten Summit - A Grain of Truth - he was interviewed. The test they use to determine whether Coeliac (endoscopy/biopsy) is called the Marsh Test. Famous guy then. Even he, now an old man states that symptoms are more diagnostic. And the differerentiation between negative and positive is laughable. And you are waiting for enough damage (note enough damage not any damage) to get a positive diagnosis. Cyrex Labs (London) have the definitive tests if you can afford. If not, best just to remove gluten (and all grains too is sensible) Elimination diet of all fodmaps (which includes grains) too is an approach by Gastroenterologists especially with bloating and then trials of reintroducing. Leaky Gut (Intestinal Permeability) most likely and so Gut lining needs to heal - proactive strategies. And imbalance of gut microbiata/microbiome - your beneficial versus not so beneficial gut bugs imbalance. Organisms supposed to live in the large intestine migrate up into the small intestine (as find it a conducive environment , when it shouldn't be - diet related poss) Their waste products/gas cause bloating. Google Scottish Neurologist Dr Natasha Campbell McBride - GAPS diet interesting insight whether you do it or not - helps undertanding of gut. Learn about the microbiome. When you eat, you eat to feed them - for good health or poor health. Chris Kresser website excellent for understanding what's going on. And Sean Croxton's Underground Wellness - Digestion Sessions (interviews cutting edge doctors/clinicians) excellent - was free when first broadcast but now pay for online access, but will be some partial interviews on you tube. Get as much info as you can from Functional Doctors (find the root cause for issues/conditions) You will be lucky if you find a well informed UK doctor unless an alternative functional doctor. Re referrals Professor David Sanders Sheffield Royal Hospital Practising Gastroenterologist has done and published a lot of research on Intestinal Permeability and Gluten issues if you live in travelling distance. May the Force be with you on Thursday ;)

  • Wow!

  • This is so true and I plus many others are a testament to the infallibility of these so called defining tests for coeliac disease. The force be with you too.

  • My tests came back negative for coeliac disease as well.

    What I noticed when I went gluten-free was an astonishing improvement in my temper. I noticed after about 5 days being gluten-free.

  • The coeliac tests are NOT 100% accurate. I have had many test and all come back as false negative reading (I had the full stomach and diarrhoea thing happening when these tests wete done. So I am coeliac with gut symptoms and I have DH ( dermatitis heptaformis), the skin condition of gluten intolerance. Medically confirmed for 25 years by specialists. It is not just the test results but also the symptoms.

    My youngest brother was diagnosed coeliac at 4, my father was an undiagnosed coeliac with all the health problems. I have 4 first cousins and 3 second cousins with coeliac disease. Plus 2 cousins with " sensitivity" to gluten.

    This all from the paternal side, non from maternal side.

    I have been gluten free for 25 years but still have terrible reactions to the tiniest amount. I have been caught out with hidden gluten.

    This is a complicated condition.

    It could take more than 3 months on a gluten free diet to see any results and if there is any contamination of your food or drink in that time, you will not get the full picture.

    I hope this bit of information helps.

  • Regenerus Labs do more in depth private testing for Coeliac - quite a list. These tests follow on from the ones done by Cyrex Labs in the US.

  • The usual coeliac test is an IgA TTG test. A negative result can only be interpreted accurately if IgA level is normal. If you are IgA deficient, which some people are, the test is unreliable. Therefore if IgA deficient, an IgG TTG should be done . I think this may be what your translation is saying.

  • Thanx. I'm going to try and get a appointment with the DR on Thursday.

  • I've also just looked up and tried to understand what IgA actually does but I just don't understand!

  • you have several immunoglobulins in your body, they form part of your immune system. IgA TTG is just a way of looking at your body's immune reaction to see if you have coeliac disease, which is an autoimmune disease.

  • Yes, that is right.

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