Needing a rant to people that understand!

Thought I was feeling so much better but the onslaught of Christmas/NY catering and binging has set me back no end.

I'm so exhausted it's all I can do to get up and drag myself around.

I live and work on a farm (for which I feel blessed) but by the time I've got up fed and mucked out various animals I have zero energy left to ride my horses, exercise dogs do the housework, cooking and rest of jobs etc...

I'm thinking I may not have to have a horse any more which is completely crap as they are my passion and life and when I have a bit of energy to ride I compete but what's the point if it's all so exhausting?! 😩

My husband doesn't understand just how exhausted/ill I am with this damn Hashimotos although I'm now wondering if there's other auto immune stuff going on as balance, sight and muscles don't seem to be quite right...

His answer is to go back to GP and get more conventional medicine hahaha!! Great yes just give me T4 and watch me die even more.

Sorry for rant but really need to get off my chest!!!

Thanks to those of you who listened and understand. X

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  • What thyroid hormone replacment are your taking and dose - there's no info on your Profile.

  • I take 120mgs of Thyroid S

    Vit D as very low

    B12 and complex B bits as low



    Brazil nuts for Selenium

    Gluten free

    No nightshades either and limited dairy.

  • Katepots,

    Have you had a thyroid test since being on 2 grains to check dose is sufficient?

  • Yes tested every three months with endo. I'm seeing him again next week so will ask for latest results. He did say all was pretty much normal now but silly me I should have got the results and looked myself!!

  • Katepots,


    - the dose of Thyroid S isn't right for you. Hence the need to do the thyroid tests: TSH, Free T3 and Free T4;

    - or Thyroid S doesn't suit you;

    - or your adrenals are exhausted. Saliva test of daily cortisol would be useful.

    You are welcome to get things off your chest here as much as you like but you may need some further testing before you figure out what's going on. It would be a shame if you had to give up on your life's passion but slowing down a bit might help, especially if your adrenals are exhausted.

  • Thanks, yes should get adrenals tested I'm sure they are shot to pieces. Have always had problems with them since my 20's.

    I'm sure I just exhausted myself this Christmas and I know alcohol is bad for me and I had several binges 😩

  • Well, I hope you had a good time at Christmas ;) I know how frustrating it is to try to get well when we just want to get on with our lives. I'm in the same boat. I hope you will figure it out. Get well soon xx

  • I hate to be a spoilsport but I've just came across this info about things that affect cortisol and HPA axis. I'm afraid alcohol is one of them:

    Oddly, booze was classed as "supplement" ;)

    Take care x

  • Yes I know it's one of the things that makes me ill. Mostly I don't drink at all but hosting Christmas and New Year...

    Feeling a little better the last couple of days now back on healthy food and no alcohol and lots of rest.


    Thanks for info.x

  • And low vitamin D and B12 are enough to do all this to you. But mostly I would say you are likely to be on too little NDT. Get yourself tested, if the GP won't then Blue Horizon. Remember that NDT suppresses TSH so only FT3 is meaningful and needs to be at the top of the range.

    Are you taking it well away from food, just like levo?

  • Hadn't really thought about FT3 I'll get latest tests and post on here. Yes take well away from food👍🏼

    I'm guessing it's just a really big low after Christmas festivities just hadn't expected it to be this bad! Thanks for advice.

  • I didn't see any mention of iron and/or ferritin. If they are low you will feel utterly exhausted. Too high iron/ferritin is not good either. Low vitamin B12 and vitamin D will make you feel awful too.

    Too low or too high Free T3 can both make you feel exhausted.

    If your thyroid and nutrients are all good, then I would suggest getting an adrenal stress profile. From personal experience I know high cortisol causes exhaustion, and I guess low cortisol probably does too.

  • Will get cortisol tested. Off to endo again next week so I'll get an overhaul of everything!

  • An endo will, at best, arrange for a 9am cortisol blood test. At worst it could just be a random test, which won't tell you anything much at all. It isn't a terribly reliable test. If you get stressed on the way to the test, or held up in the hospital you might end up with a good result when your normal level is mediocre. All the endo is looking for (as far as I know) with a single blood test is evidence of Addison's Disease (AD) or Cushing's Syndrome (CS). But low or high cortisol which isn't bad enough to merit an AD or CS diagnosis, will not be spotted.

    If you really want to know about your daily cortisol (which has a circadian rhythm) you really need to do an adrenal stress profile which is tested with four saliva samples at certain times throughout the day. This will tell you how well your cortisol levels are doing throughout the day, not just at 9am.

    If you go onto the STTM website and look through the adrenals info there e.g.

    and find more adrenals links here :

    you can see that getting cortisol levels right can make a huge difference to our feelings of well-being.

    The most often used saliva test in the UK can be found here :

    To find out how to order and how to get your results (it isn't straightforward) follow the Genova related links here :

  • Don't know about you but the lack of light this time of year is getting me down severely (not emotionally as much as sapping my energy). Maybe see if a light box will help?

  • Yes it's hideous so many jobs to cram in to so few hours. It's also v depressing. A light box is a good shout 😀

  • It seems to be helping me know which part of the day is bedtime. Jury is still out on what more it can do but I'm going to try using it for longer now (and duh, realised I had been using it too far away so have sorted that too).

    Good luck, you have my sympathy. I haven't any more energy than a clod of dirt.

  • You may have autoimmune gastritis as well as Hashis... leading to low B 12 ... this is another minefield of vague symptoms, disbelieving drs, ineffective tests and a lack of good research, but you could educate yourself on the B12 site if you haven't already and see what you think. There is a strong overlap between the two conditions.

  • Brilliant thanks for that. Hadn't even heard of it!

    Sounds possible as I was on long term anti inflammatory drugs for years...

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