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just a rant

feeling exhausted but request from son to drop grandson off at footy didnt seem much to ask. .. stopped at shop on the way which was on a bit of an incline.when i tried to start car again i found the gears wouldnt work and i rolled down and tapped car behind me... no damage done but other driver wanted to swap details just in case. crowd gathered and someone tried to start my car again. couldn,t get into gear so i had too think about taxi etc... i tried not to panic as i thought by the time i had sorted taxi, chatted to driver dropped grandson off . i would be dead , i shouldnt have attempted it in first place knowing how incapacitated i was. .. i waited till everyone had gone said a prayer and leaned back for 5 mins. .. i believe in the power of prayer.. turned key over put foot down and gears were fine...phew..i have never been so glad to get home,flop on sofa and pour vodka and tonic... . this illness makes you feel so guilty at not being able to help out as much as we would like

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You survived, that's the main thing.


Yes, I think we can all sympathise with that. Things always go wrong when you're feeling your worst. Glad you sorted it all out with no damage done! :)


As my Dad told me many years ago a car is only a metal box to get you from A to B and so long as no one was hurt, metal boxes can be fixed. On the up-side you managed to deal with all that stress, pick up your grandson drop him at football and get home and pour your dram ......Lady done good :)


Me too Prayer is so important. I have experienced situations being turned around through Prayer myself. So glad for you. Please kick the guilt into touch.. your heart is do helpful things and that is what counts. x


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