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Levothyroxine Change

Has anyone changed to the Mercury Pharma Eltroxin since it has been back on the market, and if so, do they find it as good as the old Goldshield Eltroxin if they were on that. I and my son did very well on Goldshield and suffered terrible skin problems when changed to Mercury Pharma Generic Levothyroxine. My son eventually changed to Actavis, but with only a small difference to his skin,and I eventually changed to Aliud with a small improvement. I did think it might have been the Acacia Powder, but have been reading lately about Microcrystalline Cellulose not being much better for skin problems. Both these substances come from trees and appear to be coming through our skin as an exudant of glue. It is sore and reacts badly when soap is used.

I would be grateful if anybody can answer my query as I am now being asked to go back on Eltroxin.

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Hi J_bee,

I'm sorry you've had no replies. Feel free to repost your question.


Clutter could you show me how please?



Copy what you wrote above and paste it into a new post.


Thanks Clutter .


Sorry Clutter , I have obviously forgotten how to cut and paste, as I cannot seem to do it.



What device are you using?


PC with Windows 10.



Left click on the mouse or mouse pad to select the text which will go blue. Right click the mouse or mouse pad and click copy. Place the cursor on a new post and right click the mouse or mouse pad and click on paste.

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Will try again. Thanks Clutter.


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