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I am having difficulties getting Goldshield Eltroxin. Have spoken to manufacturer - now called Mercury Pharma - and they tell me they have no date when normal service will be restored and it could be months!!! I am very, very concerned about this as felt so dreadful on the usual Thyroxine prescribed by NHS GPs that I had no life. On Goldshield Eltroxin I feel quite well, tantamount to "normal"! Have you or anyone else found a brand similar to Goldshield Eltroxin that might tide me (and other users) over until it is being manufactured again????? Many thanks for your assistance on this.

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You can ask your pharmacy to give you the MercuryPharma packaged version, which are the exact same tablets as the Eltroxin brand.

Please see the information on main Thyroid UK website news page here:

Also, this has been discussed several times on this forum. Most recently yesterday in this thread here:



I cant even get the Mercury Pharma Eltroxin. I am almost out of the supply I have. I am getting really worried. Every time I go into my chemist I get told production should restart very soon. The latest news is that should be in about 2 weeks. I will be very ill if I have to take any other brand.



RedApple meant that Mercury Pharma Levothyroxine is 100% identical to Eltroxin.

This has been repeatedly confirmed by Mercury Pharma.


Eltroxin ..

Eltroxin has not been produced by Gold Shield for well over four months now ( maybe longer )not since they sold out to Mercury Pharma .. they are still using the Gold Shield packaging but it is actually being produced by Mercury Pharma.

I don't know if you noticed the change of box colour ? as in different shades of buff / beige.

It was only during a conversation with Lloyds pharmacist that this came to light .. I was wanting to try a different manufacturer as I didnt feel as well as I used to before coming back here 13 yrs ago.

I never took notice of the manufacturing name 30+ years ago when I started taking it just that it was Eltroxin .

My health has declined over the last 13 years and I have only just found out that Glaxo Smith Kline sold to Goldshield and now Goldshield have sold to Mercury Pharma ?

Also .. that Eltroxin that is at present packaged as Gold shield is in actual fact exactly the same product they supply as a generic.



Having just been given a 25mcg. rise to 75 mcgs. last week,I too am only able to get one pack of Mercury Pharma from my Lloyds chemist.I went in this morning to pick up the rest of my prescription and was told they are still trying to get it.So what are we supposed to do?

Having been happier using Eltroxin(50mcgs) I was quite prepared to accept Mercury Pharma which I was also told is the same in different packaging and that there is not much difference in cost compared to the generic Levothyroxine.The whole situation seems ridiculous.

Let's hope they sort it out soon as we Hypothyroid patients seem to have to take two steps backwards for every one forward.It's a continual battle and we are only seeking to feel normal it too much to ask?


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