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Has anyone changed to the Mercury Pharma Eltroxin since it has been back on the market, and if so, do they find it as good as the old Goldshield Eltroxin if they were on that. I and my son did very well on Goldshield and suffered terrible skin problems when changed to Mercury Pharma Generic Levothyroxine. My son eventually changed to Actavis, but with only a small difference to his skin,and I eventually changed to Aliud with a small improvement. I did think it might have been the Acacia Powder, but have been reading lately about Microcrystalline Cellulose not being much better for skin problems. Both these substances come from trees and appear to be coming through our skin as an exudant of glue. It is sore and reacts badly when soap is used.

I would be grateful if anybody can answer my query as I am now being asked to go back on Eltroxin.


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  • If Eltroxin is back on the market I do hope it is as efficient as the older version.

    I think you would have to give it a trial run yourselves, due to the fact that you've used the old one before, so would be aware of its benefits much more quickly.

    You can then post a glowing report for others who used to do well on Eltroxin :)

  • I hope it is as efficient shaws. I really didn't have any worries on the Goldshield one and am beginning to feel that I should at least try it now it is under MP. What worries me is that they both have the same PL number and have been told they have the same excipients, but my son and I have both suffered badly since the change and have not got rid of the symptoms yet even though we were changed in May 2010. I am sure there has been some cover-up somewhere along the line.

    I am now on Aliud, but local CCG are moaning that it does not have a Licence in the UK (thought we were meant to be in Europe?) and they shouldn't be prescribing it - penny pinching again! I need to make my mind up by Friday.

  • It is a case of 'damned if you do - damned if you don't."

    There is something strange about the Eltroxin fiasco. Withdrawn without any notification and saying it would be back soon. People who took Eltroxin saying that they had bad symptoms on the generic the were forced to take. It must be a few years now it hasn't been available. Most peculiar.

  • Exactly shaws, I really feel between the devil and the deep blue sea at the moment, as I haven't got rid of the symptoms from when we were changed. If my son had improved on Actavis, I would say it was now down to the Microcrystalline Cellulose in Aliud, but he is still having problems with this glue-like deposit on his skin and I feel sure that it is really something to do with an excipient of the generic MP Levo. The rest I have said time ad nauseum, so think I now have to bite the bullet and try Eltroxin again. This time though at least the CCG will be aware of what I am doing and should take note if anything gets worse. Hope I can call on you all if things go wrong and thanks for being there now.

  • I do hope Eltroxin has the good effect it had before. I think doctor has to put Eltroxin rather than levothyroxine on the prescription. It's a long time since I took it but believe it is a Brand name rather than generic, so shouldn't have 'changes' which may bother us.

    If I can help in anyway I will but hopefully it will be a smooth switch-over.

  • I asked a similar question few weeks ago and was told that the new one is the mercury pharma one and not the gold shield one which we did well on. I haven't tried it so can't judge.

  • Hi ianessex Can I ask what you are taking now? I have since tried Actavis which caused terrible stomach pains and Wockhardt which did not appear to work at all, giving me a high FT4 and low FT3, so got very hypo symptoms back. Am a bit worried about the Microcrystalline Cellulose in Aliud as wondered if this is keeping the glue-like deposits on my skin going. I understand the MC is made from wood pulp, so should we be having this put into us?

  • I'm taking actavis,, was on mercury pharma but that seemed to really upset my stomach, I'm more concerned about acacia .

  • ianessex , my concern is still the acacia powder, but now having read about microcrystalline cellulose that is quite a worry too. Watch this space!

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