Has anybody tried wockhardt levothyroxine?

I can only get along with Eltroxin or Mercury Pharma. Levothyroxine. It is impossible where I live to get either of these at the moment. Today I was offered Wockhardt, which I have never heard of. My prescription stated Mercury Pharma. but the pharmacist here is hopeless and very offhand. I would be pleased to hear who has tried this particular brand or offer any advice.

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  • Wockhardt only make 25mcg tablets, so if your dose is higher than 25mcg you will need to take multiple tablets to get the correct dose. You can see the ingredients here: thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/treatm... Click on the purple bar that says UK - Synthetic Levothyroxine (T4) Tablets.

    Everyone is different, and what works for one of us doesn't always work for another. We have had members who don't tolerate this make, and member's who can *only* tolerate this make. So the only sure way you will know about this manufacturers product is to try it yourself. :)

  • Thank you for this information. The pharmacist could supply me with 100mcg Mercury but she said that the only 25mcg they keep are Wockhardt. Do you think it would be OK to try 100mcg in Mercury and the other 25mcg in Wockhardt, or should I not mix the 2?

  • Better to get on the right dose,asap. I didn't get along with Wockhardt but that was probably just me & T4 not gelling..

    If you're not normally sensitive to meds you will probably be OK- like most meds it's trial and error for most of us!

    You would not be prescribed anything lnown to be dodgy in itself or mixed- it's just a personal thing.

  • I get Wockhardt 25mcg from the hospital outpatients pharmacy and it seems to be ok.


  • Thanks for this. I think I will go back to the friendly pharmacist 7 miles away and take the 100mcg in Mercury and the 25mcg in Wockhardt, and take it from there. At least this pharmacist is obliging. Many thanks. Beryl

  • Hiya, You can get Mercury Pharma in 25mcg tablets. I have both 100mcg and 25mcg Mercury Pharma brand and get mine from Superdrug, the pharmacist orders it in special. Kick up a stink, I did because they kept getting me Wockhart and Activis even though my prescription said Eltroxin and I didn't feel well on them at all. I feel a bit better on Mercury Pharma but my dosage is not right yet and my endo will is very slowly increasing my dosage because of the risk of AF and the fact I have thyroid cancer and diabetes.

    Good luck :)

  • Many thanks. Hope you get your dosage sorted out very soon. Best wishes.

  • Hi there brenchley,

    I have just consulted my stock of Levo as I also use Mercury Pharma at the moment and have been gradually raising my intake so have various strengths in my drawer.

    Have you tried Boots the Chemist as they supplied me with 25mcgs when I was on 75mcgs dosage ? I originally obtained all my Mercury Parma ( Eltroxin ) from Lloyds Pharmacy which has now changed to Cohens but that may just be my local branch.

  • Hi, The only pharmacy is "Boots". They have it on record (and on my prescription) that I must have Mercury (before that Eltroxin). This past 12 months the staff changes almost every month, and they are so unhelpful. There is another pharmacy 7 miles away, other than that it is a 40 mile trip into town. However, I shall battle on. Thanks.

  • I had a similar conversation with my pharmacist on Saturday. There's a supply problem with 25mcg at the moment and Wockhardt was the only brand he could obtain. As I've had problems with Wickhardt before I got him to give me Mercury Pharma 50s and said I'll cut them for the time being.

  • Thanks. I think I will try and get 50's instead of the 25's. My dose is 137.5 daily, and I presently cut one 25 in half. However, I think I will try taking 125 one day and 150 the next and see how it goes.

  • I do similar - take 100 4 days a week and 75 the other 3. It works fine.Goodluck.

  • Many thanks for the information. Sounds like it will work for me. Best wishes.

  • It is also possible to get prescriptions fulfilled by internet pharmacies. Have a look here:



  • Thanks will do that.

  • I know this thread has come to a gentle end- but must mention something I forgotfrom before.

    Wockhardt [a subsidiary of an Asian producer] has had licences withdrawn for some sort of non compliance recently -but NOT on the Levo it produces.

    It was some technical QC thing [like cross contamination] on a number of products.

    I don't know of any outcome, as yet.

    Just to keep record straight [obscuration is no friend of mine] and this a good place to register this info.

    Edit: Just found this report from US bloomberg.com/news/2013-09-...

  • It is good to know about these things, which I am sure will be of interest to many others. Thanks.

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