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The Journey of Healing

I feel like it's important to share what I've learned in healing from hypothyroidism and if it can help even one person, then hallelujah!

I have had this for about 5 years now and this past year I got extremely sick from it...the brain fog was unbearable and very scary to say the least. I believe in miracles and healing, and I also believe in healing oneself. It made me get quite serious about how to heal myself and for the past 8 months I have incorporated these tips below that have helped immensely. A day doesn't go by where I don't thank God and my angels for helping me feel normal again. Remember everyday is a new day, keep moving forward and know that it takes a little bit of time and patience, but before you know it your feeling better and better.

1. Meditate everyday for 20 mins. I suggest Pema Chodron's "How to Meditate" book. It literally changes your brain and stress responses and is extremely healing.

2. Check out Anthony William's "Medical Medium" book, which talks about what causes thyroid disfunction and suggests foods and supplements that help hypothyroidism and many other ailments too. I cut out all gluten, wheat, dairy, soy, and simple sugars. I eat mainly (only organic) fruits and vegetables, chicken, fish, etc. Though, I have to watch salmon, tuna and other sources of mercury bc I will wake up with a brain fog hangover due to the mercury in those items. The Medical Medium has a site which lists his favorite supplements. They are awesome...

(I highly suggest getting your food allergies tested, which could be a huge contributing factor. Mine were.)

3. We are energy, so in order to fully heal we must heal and balance our energy as well. I do this energy routine every morning.

Donna Eden also has a wonderful book that is extremely helpful...

4. Another thing that helps ALOT is EFT tapping.

5. If you read up on Red Light Therapy it can help heal hypothyroidism. There are tanning beds which have a red light therapy bed.

There are also portable red lights that you can purchase for home use.

6. Coconut oil pulling has worked wonders and makes you feel better, heal your gums, and pull out toxins.

7. Roll this essential oil blend on your thyroid everyday... it has helped tons!

10 drops of each Lemongrass, clove, cinnamon, peppermint and myrrh. Fill about 1/4 way to the top and top it off with a carrier oil...I use coconut oil.

8. Juice celery juice first thing in the morning, 20 mins. before eating or drinking anything.

9. Spirulina is amazing. Period.

10. Qi Gong is extremely healing and Lee Holden DVD's are's a sample

11. I cannot be a bigger fan of affirmations. They literally change your brain and vibration. Their healing power is incredible. I love this one...

I wish you healing and happiness on your journey and know that the sun will always rise again! ~ xo

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Thanks for posting and it may be helpful to some and am very glad it has worked for you.


Thank you and you're very welcome!


Thank you so much for posting all this Clementine, really helpful, and so pleased it's worked for you. Did you do the Medical Medium 28 day cleanse? I did it for 23 days, felt brilliant after about 17, then started to go downhill again. I'll try again in the summer but too cold for all that raw food right now. And as I've had practically every illness in the book it's hard to pick just some of the supplements.

I've come across those cross over exercises before but had forgotten them so thank you for that reminder. Ditto the red light therapy - did you try it in a salon or get your own? I've not done oil pulling for years but might give it another try now all the infection's been removed from my teeth/head.

Spirulina tastes disgusting! How do you take it?

Do you do the celery juice every morning? I do it sometimes, but it takes energy doesn't it?

Thanks again for all this info.

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Hi Dina! You're very welcome! :)

That's so awesome you're a MM fan too! Though, I'm so sorry you started to go downhill again! I actually didn't do the 28-day cleanse, I just picked out some gems that I felt were the most important to thyroid function and went from there. The things that I have found to be the gems for me is... the fresh juiced celery and yes it totally takes energy, haha, but every time I try remind myself that it takes such a short amount of time, for such a long term benefit! One pack of seaweed, 50 mcg of Selenium (I ran out for a week and my levels dropped fast, it was horrible. I had no idea how much Selenium supported it.) Then, I also make sure to have at least a tablespoon of cilantro, which I put on my salad every night, along with organic wild blueberries (which are, as you know from his book, the MOST healing food in existence). I buy Vital Farms, they're delish...

I also make sure to have one garlic clove a day...I buy the garlic stuffed green olives, they're so yummy. And a teaspoon of Hawaiian Spirulina mixed with water...It is totally disgusting! Lol but I just hold my nose and chug. If I miss a day, I notice a drop in energy pretty quickly.

Oh and also, I drink a cup of Tumeric tea everyday with a teaspoon of Manuka honey, both of which he mentions and I've noticed are wonderful for brain fog and healing, along with a Curcumin (Tumeric) supplement.

Aren't the energy exercises amazing!? As for the red light, I do go to a tanning bed that has one. But, I also have a wand at home that I do for about 10 mins at night. It's very similar to this one...

I'm sure oil pulling would definitely benefit you! I had horrible gum inflammation for the past couple months, from who knows what, and after one week, they were 75% better. I was skeptical going in, but it worked wonders for me.

Have a great night! :)


Ah, I see now you must be in the US or Canada Clementine. Sadly I've not yet been able to find wild blueberries in the UK. But I should be able to get the red light wand ok. Then all I need to find is the courage to swallow the spirulina and garlic clove! The tumeric tea should be ok, but I've given up with the manuka honey as anything really sweet hurts my teeth so much!

Thanks so much for all your really valuable info and I do hope your amazing recovery continues well for you.

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You almost certainly won't find blueberries wild in the UK. What we have is the much tastier, sharper, and more intensely coloured bilberry. Wiki explains a bit:

You'll find them across large areas of poor soil such as moorland.

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I have never heard of a Bilberry before...that's so cool! They sound delish!


If you had the opportunity to try both, you'd wonder why anyone bothers with blueberries. Nice though they are without the comparison! Had some blueberries recently that were very much nicer than many - with a welcome touch of acidity - from (and this seems bizarre) Peru.

It is very rare to see bilberries for sale, though possibly in some local markets in suitable areas.


I am in the US, but I did find these UK site for wild blues that you could order if you'd like!

And here's another option for you too...

And thank you so much, Dina! You too! I wish you many, many miracles and healings! Take care! :)


I appreciate your post and I also agree that managing everything that hypothyroidism brings requires that one look outside the box and use many modalities to feel healthy, I have also relied heavily on meditation, yoga, massage and acupuncture to name a few to manage some of my symptoms. For me it's important to maintain a low stress level in addition to optimum ndt dosing and vitamin levels. Epsom salt bathes and essential oils are also helpful in addition to gluten and dairy free diet. I find the information on this forum so valuable.


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