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Sorry if I'm a little nervous, this is my first post. I came across this video by Diana Simone. She refers to her book "Tears Behind Closed Doors" which is on ThyroidUK 's list by Diana Holmes.

I could not see that it had already been raised on this forum. I'm not sure how to make it link...

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Welcome to the forum, Crabapple. There's no need to be nervous, we don't even bite :) I don't know whether the clip has been posted before but I hadn't seen it, so thank you.


Her book was one of the first I read when diagnosed in 2005. It's is both good and sad. Dr BDP was the Doc who finally diagnosed her thyroid problem. Hopefully more people will now read it having read your post - thank you :-)


Welcome and thank you for posting. I had not seen it before either and it is heartbreaking to read the many posts where patients are getting very little or no support on here. Don't ever be worried about posting something that may have been posted before. The readership I'm sure changes over time so it's good that repetition is there as a revelation to new comers and a reminder for others. When I was much younger I was often in the position of being told words of wisdom buy a much older friend and I found myself repeatedly saying that I'd heard that before. One day she sat me down when I'd said this and said had I ever thought that I was being told something again for a reason, that it might be more relevant at this time. This struck home and as I've got older and hopefully wiser I welcome such things and hopefully learn from them.

As Clutter says we don't bite either but we do understand how wretched we feel at times and how it can be an uphill struggle to get anyone to listen. So we do listen and hopefully help from our own experiences which are very varied.


This is amazing and also sad people go threw this think I'll have to get book . This site is brilliant for info


Like others, I read Diana's excellent book years ago and it really helped to be armed with knowledge in the struggle to be diagnosed and treated.

It is really alarming that this same scenario is being played out with vitamin B12 deficiency (there is often an autoimmune connection beween thyroid and B12 def). Doctors are failing to diagnose and treat serious neurological and psychiatric symptoms even though recent guidelines have been introduced advising them to treat urgently when symptoms indicate, whether the patient's test results are within the normal range or not - failure to treat can cause irreversible neural damage.

There are sinister connections too in the treatment of doctors who do think outside the box - as with Dr Chandy, who was banned from giving B12 injections just before the £55 bonus was announced for GPs diagnosing new dementia cases! He had been treating patients with great success for years, having realised from his experience in India how many vegetarian and vegans were having symptoms of B12 deficiency - vitamin B12 is

only found in animal foods. A deficiency can evolve after many years and cause serious neurological problems, which are mistaken for other diseases, e.g. ME, MS, dementia, etc.

I find it disturbing to hear how Diana was not allowed to appear on TV to tell her story and wholeheartedly agree that we should all find as many ways as possible of informing the media of the unnecessary suffering and severe social consequences of this medical negligence.

Thank you for posting!


Many years ago I read Diana's book and through this I consulted Dr Skinner who treated me with armour thyroid, which changed my life.Diana is a great lady and I actually spoken to her years ago. I had no idea she was still campaigning and I'm glad the video has been posted.


Welcome and Thank u for sharing ur video...Im finally so happy to see others feel there is something wrong in the testing and care for Thyroid sufferers. Thanx again and Blessings


Thank you for posting ,had not seen this before.


I have just signed the epeition from the video ,there are only just over 250 names ,maybe it would be a good idea to put it up here so people can sign it.


Thank you, I had not seen this.


Than you crabapple just seeing this now.



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