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Happy New Year all. I started the New Year with a stonking head cold (just like the Queen) and am now dosed up the eyeballs with decongestants and paracetemols. Unfortunately, it has meant I now have to delay my Blue Horizon blood test, mostly because I fear a skewed test result. I'm so disappointed, as I wanted, after 15 years, to start actively combating what I now see as years of mismanagement of my Hypo. What I need to know is, can anyone suggest an appropriate length of time to wait before taking the tests? I was so excited to think I might be getting some answers soon too!

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  • Dahlia17 I don't know if there's an appropriate amount of time to wait, personally I'd just wait until you're over your cold and back to normal. It's not worth wasting money on results that could possibly be skewed. For a start your CRP and possibly Ferritin wouldn't be accurate as both can be raised when there's inflammation or infection. I don't know what effect it might have on your thyroid results.

  • Thanks. I had a feeling that might be the case. I'm gutted, having made an actual decision for the first time in years to do something for myself and see it through. Oh well another week or two it will have to be.

  • Aww, it's disappointing for you. Never mind, there's always a reason for things happening but you know that if you wait until you're well then you're going to get an accurate set of results and you can go forward from there :)

  • Decongestants may have affected your dose as well so wait till you are feeling back to where you were before the cold.

  • Hi sorry you are feeling so poorly. Hope you recover quickly and well. Yes would also say to wait until you feel physically a lot better. I had a high C reactive protein and high Ferritin on my last lot of bloods done with them and still have no idea what was or is still causing it. So many things can cause this to rise anyhow but best to eliminate the obvious in your case.

  • Amongst many other vitamins and minerals I am trying vit C and high strength garlic capsules as I have had the worst cough and cold this winter. I also increased my levo from 125mg to 150mg for a while without consulting a doctor. I am back to 125 now and feel much better, but my husband has started again with the cough and cold, so I am crossing my fingers!!

  • I know how you are all feeling ......I've succumbed to it too.Not had such a bad cough and streaming cold for many a year! thankfully I've been able to stay in the warm and keep up the dosing .....decongestants ,throat sweets and a bottle of linctus.....not to forget the man sized tissues!!......oh and plenty of warm drinks have helped.

    Hope you all recover soon ............not a good start ,but Happy New Year every one.

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