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FREE Online Thyroid Detox Webinar

Hi All

I saw this and thought it maybe of interest. It's free and there may be some useful pieces of information to take away. It's on this week.


"Who is the workshop for?

Anyone suffering from:

Low Thyroid • Hashimoto’s • Graves’

Overactive Thyroid • Lost Thyroid • Thyroid Nodules

Thyroid Cancer • Fatigue • Infertility • Hair Loss

Weight Gain • Depression • Anxiety • Body Pains & Aches

I’m going to show you:

How to make delicious and thyroid-safe juices, smoothies and snacks that can detoxify and support your thyroid.

Which 5 vegetables are the super-detoxifiers for the thyroid.

How to make a toxin-free household cleaner in less than 5 minutes.

How to deal with the top 7 toxins impacting your thyroid (including food, fluoride, parasites, antibiotics and many more).

Meet Magdalena

My name is Magdalena Wszelaki, I’m a certified nutrition coach, speaker and educator with a long history of my own hormonal challenges which resulted from years of digestive issues and a highly stressful and toxic life in advertising – starting from Graves’ and Hashimoto’s Disease (autoimmune conditions causing thyroid failure) to adrenal fatigue and estrogen dominance.

Feeling fatigued, anxious, moody, forgetful and losing my hair were all too familiar to me. Today I’m in full remission, live a symptoms-free, awesome life and I want to show you how to achieve the same.

Food and detoxification were instrumental in my own recovery. My mission is to help you clean out the toxins that are accumulated in your body, home and spirit so that you regain your thyroid health and overall hormonal balance.

Today, I want to invite you to my program which opens up with this FREE Workshop. I hope you join me."

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I would sooner have all this information in book form, so that I can refer to it anytime I need it, but thanks for posting.


I know what you mean j_bee. These free webinars always have so much information packed into them. When I attend them, I take a notepad and just bullet point what I feel I need to take away with me. Quite often these speakers have books to buy and further free information on their websites. I haven't looked up this particular speaker yet to see if she has any.....

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If you are a professional as you state then you know that 'detox' is a word invented by the health industry and has no meaning. You cannot 'detox' its an oxymoron.

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Hi Glynisrose, this webinar info wasn't posted from the speaker personally. I just came across this webinar when on the internet and thought it looked interesting and potentially helpful, so thought I'd post it on this forum for anyone who maybe interested. So I can't comment on your response re the word 'detox' with regards to this webinar.


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