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Another Reminder of the Thyroid Summit from Monday

An excerpt:-

There is one hormone that touches every single cell in your body: the thyroid hormone. Which means, if your thyroid is malfunctioning you could feel fatigued, anxious, cold, moody, depressed, as well as experience hair loss, obesity or dry skin.

Unfortunately, conventional medicine has a very difficult time connecting any of these symptoms (and many more) with a thyroid disorder. It is up to YOU to take charge of your health and to do your homework.

Fortunately, The Thyroid Summit will feature 32 world-renowned thyroid experts, who have gathered in one place to help YOU. It is ONLINE and FREE!

The Thyroid Summit begins next week, register for FREE now!

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Mainstream medicine demands rigorous, peer-reviewed research so until this is forthcoming I can't see how we will get anywhere with UK NHS medics and labs.

So the question is: are there any peer-reviewed articles which can be shown to GPs, endos, etc? If not, who in the 'alternative' medical world could/would publish them? And if they did publish them, would 'conventional' medis accept them, given their provenance?

There is part of me that feels it is an impossible task.

Just a thought - could a conference/seminar/symposium be organised that brings together medics from both sides of the divide so that they can speak from their own research and experience?

At least that would open up some kind of dialogue between peers.



The Scottish Parliament had a debate with two Scottish Petitioners and Dr Toft of the BTA also was present:-

Lyn Mynott of ThyroidUk was also asked to be present at one meeting by the SP and many of us wrote our stories to them and had so many they asked various organisations to collate them.


Thank you for these links - I was aware of the SP petition and discussion - how much of the debate will filter through to the UK as a whole? I think also that perhaps NICE should be involved, given that they have produced a best practice document that includes a page about the limitations of the TSH test.


Hi ann

I wonder if the British Thyroid Association read these documents as their guidelines don't appear to change at all.


I was thinking of sticking my neck out and sending them the link to the NICE webpage for comment. Maybe I should and see what happens?


Mmmm, it would be very interesting if you got a positive reply.


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