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Happy Christmas to all the wonderful folk on here who spend their time helping others and educating us all on all things Thyroid!

Let's all hope for better things in 2017, lovely understanding doctors and endos, who do their very best to support us with our thyroid needs and help ensure we are optimally medicated and are given access to the full range of tests, well yeah . . . OK. It ain't going to happen overnight is it, but we will strive to beat them into submission if we have the energy!

Sadly, testing in my neck of the woods is actually getting worse. FT4 was always done along with TSH, now FT4 is done no longer. I have just had my TSH test come back at 0.18 so under range and still no FT4. And guess what, the test has been marked with that wonderful phrase that we all love to hear "no further action". The reason I asked for the tests, I told her that I had hypo symptoms. She probably thinks I'm a nutcase and I'm totally confused now, but hey it's Christmas Day tomorrow and I am thoroughly going to enjoy myself.

I hope you all have a lovely time too.


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Have a good Christmas Foreversummer, here's hoping we all feel better in 2017 :)

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Happy Christmas foreversummer and a Healthy New Year.

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