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Hypothyroid & Menopause

Hi Everyone, Not sure where to begin but i'll try. I'm 52 years old and in the last 5 years my hypothyroidism has fluctuated but I have been hypothyroid since the age of 21. I'm now on 100mg T4 and 10mg of T3. However I'm now suffering with symptoms of menopause and OMG!!! Hot flushes every 20 mins, night sweats, shattered but can't sleep, and more depressingly horrible weight gain all around my middle and have lost my waist!!! It's sooo depressing!!! GP put me on 20mg of Citalopram to help with sweats, but now I get them hourly instead, so I have started taking black cohosh which seems to help but it's this weight gain that's driving me mad regardless of what I eat. I'm so shattered now and haven't managed to get down the gym for about 4 months which isn't helping. So I've given up trying to read all the info as it just seems so complicated and have arranged an appointment to see my GP next week because I want to actually talk to an expert about it all now. Can anyone recommend a good consultant on thyroid and menopause that I could go and see. I know you can tell me publicly on this site, but a personal PM would be great. Thank you for listening.

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An endo will treat hypothyroidism but you will need a separate specialist re menopause.

Email in the New Year for a list of member recommended endos.

You may find this link helpful re hot flushes

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That might explain why my hot flushes have settled back since started taking a B-complex containing folate, though only 400mcg. I ordered some sage as my GP recommended it for hot flushes, apparently long term use of black cohosh may cause liver problems, but I have not needed to open them yet.

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