Bad night sweats again. Any ideas re NDT dose or anything else that might help?

Me again I'm afraid. The night sweats had settled a bit but have been bad for the last two weeks. I get very hot and sweaty (in waves of varying duration) after about 4.30pm and this gets progressively worse until I get into bed and take my NDT. My temperature is around 36.5 on waking and in the afternoon but at bedtime, dripping and boiling, it lowers to 36 or a low of 35.5. Thereafter I think that it eventually settles as I go to sleep but I am waking anywhere between 3.30 - 5.45am with everything damp. This means new nightdress/turning pillow and duvet etc. before I get back in to try to get to sleep. But then I am hungry and thirsty so often am having to go without anymore sleep. I am on 1.75 grains WP westhroid pure. I wondered if I should try an increase of my dose or if it is more likely to be hypoglycemia. I have tried eating something on waking, not convinced so far, and obviously can't have supper due to needing to leave a decent time between food and NDT does.

I welcome any suggestions or hearing if you have dealt with this. BTW menopause really not an issue here - that is what my NHS Gp keeps insisting is the issue but I have struggled with this type of issue since 30 and they preferred to test me for TB rather than anything else, with no exposure at all!

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  • I have just read this from Hypothyroidmom. I read this part among symptoms:

    profuse sweating

  • Thanks Shaws I take magnesium citrate but think that I will switch to glycinate.

  • Cwill,

    B12 deficiency can cause night sweats

    You can eat supper as long as you leave 2 hours between eating and taking NDT.

  • Thanks clutter. I am not awake enough to have supper: I am in bed by 9!

  • Well I tried an experiment yesterday - rather too many variables to be sure but added extra B12 squirt, more protein at my evening meal, and used 1/4 grain mid afternoon reducing my night time dose accordingly. I am so desperate for a better nights sleep that I would have tried anything. The afternoon heat was much better and my night sweat was 2am rather than later. Also felt much less severe. As a result this morning I feel rested but I still get a heat spike/flush when I simply roll over in bed. Very weird but I will keep with the extra B12 and protein to see the long term effects. More magnesium on order but potentially delayed by the time of year.

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