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Is taking NDT in the evening a bad idea?

Just that really. I had trouble increasing my dose of throid-S dose (I think my ferritin is still a bit low) and have started to split the dose in to 2 and found I feel a lot better with the increase that way.

Problem is it's difficult to leave the recommended 4 hours between my iron supplements and 1 hour before or 2 hours after food. (I seem to snack a lot!).

I was wondering if taking it at 8pm would wreak havoc with my sleep, has anyone tried that?

It'd be ideal regarding the food and supplement timing so hopefully someone has positive feedback.

Thank you!

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Potnoodle, the only way to find out is to try it. Some people find that T3 taken late in the day does keep them awake while others find it helps them to sleep. I take T4+T3 and my 2nd T3 dose is taken at bedtime.


Thank you clutter.

I will suck it and see starting tonight.

If I am posting on here at 4am you know it wasn't a success! : )


Potnoodle, it probably won't make any difference but if it does try increasing the morning dose and reducing the evening dose.


Yes will do, I take 1 grain in the morning and 1 later at the moment.

It seems to have stopped the palpitations I'd get at night every time I tried to increase by 1/4 grain, fingers crossed!


I think some people take their thyroid meds in the middle of the night!


I take my 3 grains last thing at night, just before I get in bed.. I fall asleep before I have had time for my stomach to absorb it.

Xx g


Thank you for the feedback.x


I take 2 grains at 6am and 2 grains at 6pm and sleep very well


Thank you, it does seem to work better for me!


With Thyroid S taking the dose in two goes is considered best practice - I'm sorry you didn't pick that up her anywhere before starting on it. Also to chew it (tabs taste nice). I can take mine as late as 8 without having an unusually busy night. And I'm a martyr to thyroid-med-induced insomnia. I aim to take my second tab around teatime, but frequently forget.

Ferritin will probably be an issue until you get it up there. Your Adrenal glands might also be, if you've been dragged down by health or life-stress before starting Thyroid S. I had to take a course of Adrenal supplement before I could get on with Thyroid S well.

Good luck!


I thought Thyroid-s was a slow release formula that was best swallowed? I did try chewing the tabs to start with but didn't seem to make much difference for me. Opinion seems to differ so getting people's feedback seems to be the best way as well as trying different things. :0)

Taking the dose split is working better for me so will carry on with it and good to know it's OK for many to take it late as I also forget!

I did take adrenal support before starting the thyroid-s, think my ferritin is still low as I don't tolerate iron tablets very well so can't take the dose I'd like to.

Thanks for your help!

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I take a small amount at night usually 1/2 grain when I go to bed and about 2 grains in the early hours to tie in with the circadian rhythm for my adrenals - I sleep really well!


Thank you, I do often take my 1st dose if I wake up at 4am and then go back to sleep.


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