B12 defficency advice

I have a b12 defficency and I'm having injections every 12 weeks on the dot, I started to feel very tired at about week 6-8 so I recently purchased addition b12 tablets to take.

I was recently advised that b12 tablet form doesn't get asborbed in the blood and therefore it's pretty pointless taking the additional as a supplement .

Has anyone else heard about this and what are the best options ? I'm in the uk so getting stuff to help can be tricky !

Thanks in advance

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  • You could take a sublingual lozenge which bypasses the stomach as you dissolve it under your tongue.. A month of 1000mcg a day is said to be equal to one injection. Jarrows do one on amazon, and there is A pink one i forgot the name of.....

    You could look up b12 and the scottish parliament..... They decided that one injection every 3 months was not enough so peopke in Scotland get more..... Might be worth trying to persuade your doctor to give you more?

    Xx. G

  • Jarrows is the pink one. The white one is Solgar - which, incidentally, I prefer. :)

  • I have flu and am brain dead gg! Xx

  • Get well soon. x

  • Solgar Methylcobalamin is the pink one. Quite a pleasant taste too. Smallerthan Jarrows which is also good.

  • Russellb73 It's always recommended to take a sublingual B12 (methylcobalamin lozenges) as it dissolves under the tongue to get directly into the bloodstream and bypasses the stomach. Swallowing a B12 tablet means that stomach acid will destroy it.

    When taking B12 we also need a B Complex to balance all the B vits.

  • Thanks for the responses ! Where is the best place to get them ??

  • Amazon or Health stores. I haven't found them in H & B.

  • If you have an actual B12 deficiency you may need injections rather than tablets. The pernicious anaemia society on HU will be able to help you. Best if you can post your B12 blood test results.

  • Yeah I do, I have injections every 3 months. It doesn't feel enough, by week six I'm back to being tired again !

  • 99% of B12 is absorbed outside the ileum - which is where B12 problems occur. This means that in theory it is possible to get enough B12 through by flooding the gut with B12 - which is what a 1000mcg tablet does as it is about 400x RDA.

    The evidence on the difference between sublinguals and tablets swallowed in the gut is pretty marginal though they do seem to be marginally better than 1% absorption.

    Other options include nasal sprays and patches - suggest you look at the PAS forum for more support - sublinguals, sprays and patches don't necessarily work for everyone and it would be much better to try to get through to your GP that you actually need B12 injections more frequently. Nobody seems to be able to find any scientific evidence to support 3 monthly as the correct period and many people have problems with this.


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