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Newbie in the UK on Thryoid -s with low tsh

Hi all , after nearly two years since being diagnosed hypo I am finally getting somewhere - i think. I gave up on the levo and the UK's NHS after 6 months of feeling like crap and being told my levels were normal. I did a private test which showed my t4 was at 50% over the range, TSH 0.01 ,mid range t3. I decided I would try on my own for a while using Thyroid-s and getting bloods done online from medichecks. I have bounced around a bit due to the hashi's , once losing a lot of weight quickly and needing to come down in dose , then being hypo to the point of collapse , raising and overshooting etc. Anyhow , a month ago I had labs done : TSH 0.005 T4 20 (12-22) T3 11.8 (3.5 - 6.8) so as you can see was quite over medicated at 7 grains( yes that was seven LOL), however ,on the way up to that point, at 4.15 and 4.30 grains I felt the best I had in ages, but I carried on going up in dose thinking I had hypo symptoms returning when in fact I was chasing the wrong way.

Now , after the above results, I thought I would drop down to the 4,30 grain point which I previously felt well at. I stayed there for a 4 weeks , slowly feeling a big improvement ,close to , but not quite where I was on this dose last time.

Just had the labs back after the 4 weeks on 4.30 grains : T4 14.45 (12- 22) T3 6.3 (3.5- 6.8) TSH 0.005

I think the levels appear as a direct hit , except for the TSH which is exactly the same. Does anyone have any thoughts about this ? As prior tot he previous hyper labs , I was raising every two weeks , had a number of raises , and was only 2 weeks after a raise when that lab was done , would that slow the reduction in the TSH after the dose was reduced . And would much of a change be expected in the TSH after 4 weeks , anyhow. I feel not quite as good as before , as though still a little hyper , could that be because the TSH is still high ? ... or am I still possibly over medicated ...maybe on a cellular level...

For the moment , I am sticking with 4.30 grains as those levels - bar TSH - should be reasonably accurate ,I think , and I will test again in around 6 weeks.

Any thoughts very welcome ...

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Your TSH is very low, not high. In fact, it's suppressed. But, that's exactly where you want it to be when you have Hashi's.

Actually, once you are on thyroid hormone replacement of any kind - but especially when taking T3 - the TSH is irrelevant except when it goes high. It doesn't matter how low it goes. And, it doesn't make you feel anything. T3 is what causes symptoms, and the only important number is the FT3. :)


I am on Thyroid S and taking two grains per day in two doses. When I got up to 3 grains my FT3 was over range and I was losing to much weight and I felt unwell. Now TSH 0.08 and I feel good. By the way I have no thyroid and I weigh 135lbs. and 5ft 8inches. I also take my temperature every day it's about 36.6 but everyone's different. Its really about how you feel.


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