Please Help terrible, terrible itchy skin everywhere!

Hi Folks

Am at the end of my tether i am Hypo have been for many years and have always suffered with dry itchy skin, i now use shower gel and body lotion made from natural products which help, out of no where for the last 2 weeks i have had a terrible itchy rear end it drives me mad and is worse at night it wakes me up and i have not had a decent sleep for a while now.

I went to Docs he checked and tested for parasites (uggh) all clear, so now what i am so desperate any ideas on relieve, i read that drinking aloa vera juice can help!!!

I am totally exhausted and we are due to go away in a few days.



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  • Were you checked for fungal infection ? you could try a mild hydrocortisone cream, that usually does the trick. Also best to just shower with water, shower products can make thing worse.

  • Yes was checked for that, but will try your advice and shower with just water, thank you.


  • I am prone to dry and itchy skin. Go to a chemist and have a look at the Dermol range of shower "soaps". They come in pump action bottles and are known as emollients. They don't foam up like soap but leave a very fine and imperceptiple layer of moisture on your skin. Look up Dermol on the internet. I use the lotion neat on my "bits" too!

  • Did you get vitamin D, b12, folate and ferritin checked as suggested on a previous post?

    Have you got recent Thyroid tests?

    Magnesium supplements may improve skin dryness.

  • go back to the GP and tell him about your itchy bum, they get people with this all the time they don't know what causes it but it goes away after a few weeks and in the meantime he will give you some cream that may help. Also check that anything that you are using on your skin has no Sodium Laurel Sulphate in it, they often even put it in things to help itchy skin and it's a known skin irritant, my other half scratched for years and saw every specialist going was diagnosed with all sorts and as soon as they stopped coming in contact with SLS stopped itching so its something to think about. Good luck but do go to the GP about the itchy bum as I say they see it all the time, its really, really common.

  • I am wondering if you might have lupus or another associated auto-immune condition? You might want to check the associated conditions/symptoms that go with Hypothyroid as this can sometimes be another thing that runs in conjunction with it.

    I have really dry skin and can recommend Sanex Atopic Shower Wash but try and see if your Dr can get you checked out - are you under an Endocrinologist?

    Hope you feel better soon

  • are you on thyroxin ?

  • Yes on Thyroxine been on it for years, am no longer under the care of an Endo have seen several and all of them bloody useless. i was wondering about the b12 will ask doc to test it.

    Thanks again for all your replies


  • I developed horrible itchy skin over the last several months, too, and mine was always worse at night as well. Never a rash, and it would only turn red after I scratched it. I'm also hypothyroid, and have been fighting with my endo regarding treatment for that and for suspected hypopituitarism after a head injury. I ended up ordering my own skin tests, and included tests for iron and B12, among other things. One night, while I was waiting for the results to come back, I had a particularly bad night of itching. I was looking on the internet to see what it could be, so I could figure out what to put on it.

    Lo and behold, one medical site said it could be due to low iron or B12. And sure enough, when I got my results back, I was very low in both. My doctor didn't really take my numbers seriously, since I was still in the 'normal' range, but I started supplementing with 65 mg iron tablets each day, and 5000 mcg of methylcobalamin most days. It took a couple of weeks, but my itching has subsided greatly. In fact, when I forget my supplements for a few days in a row (as I did over the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend in November), my itching returned. My doctor only upped my Naturthroid by 1/4 gram, so I don't think that made the difference, especially since I never skip that pill.

    I don't know if you've already checked your iron and B12, but if nothing else has helped, it might be worth a try!

  • Thank you last time i had my b12 checked it was within range !!!!! but at the low end that was a while ago, will ask gp to re test


  • I have always used the E45 cream for skin, whether just dry or itchy, but certainly found it helped with itching. Whichever area you use it on, only a little at a time needed, but You do need to apply and leave it to dry naturally ( your skin will be absorbing the moisturising itch relieving ingredients) before putting clothing on. Read instruction leaflet before 1st use though. It works for me and hope it does for you.

    Have you also considered it could be the bed linen material, washing or softener powders/capsules/liquids. what has changed recently to make things worse so suddenly.

    Does your washing machine rinse well enough - as I suggest think about everything your rear end comes into contact with :-) then think on to usage of fabrics, washing methods etc.

  • Thanks so much for the advice


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