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Prescription problems

T3 presciptions. I finally managed to find an endo who is now treating me with T3 which is working well. I moved house and due to the move changed areas for health care. I have just received a call from my pharmacy (an NHS pharmacy attached to the surgery) that their supplier is no longer able to supply Levothyronine(T3) and that I will have to have a signed prescription from my GP and find my own pharmacy who can supply this. Is this a usual process? They mentioned that if I couldn't find a main high street chemist who could provide my prescription they would have to speak to GP to see if there is an alternative? I am hoping that probably someone in Admin might be able to shed some light on why I am having this problem.

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If you are on T3 you don't want 'an alternative'.

This page from the ThyroidUK website gives places where you can get NDT, so may also be able to provide T3 to fill your prescription.

I'll pm you to tell you the one I use for NatureThroid. Very helpful and prompt.

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Anthea55 may in inch in here and may I know too? Got an appt with tame Endo next week so anticipating what he will tell me and ned to be prepared to,spring into action. I do have a website via Greece but maybe you have something closer?? Many thanks


Can I make it clear that, as I understand it, these suppliers are prescription only, either private prescription or NHS prescription.

Hopefully your tame Endo can give you a prescription.

Will pm you.



Any high street pharmacy can fill your prescription. The pharmacy may need to order in Liothyronine but that shouldn't take more than 48 hours. Larger Boots and Lloyds will probably have it in stock.


I get my NDT from Lloyds so they will be able to supply T3.


The problem is that T3 in the U.K. Is £250 for 28 tablets so for me on 3 tablets a day that is £10,000 per year which is a lot of money. Although my doctor has me on free NHS prescription I have agreed with him to buy it privately with a prescription as it costs £9.80 per 28 tablets which is £385 per annum (including shipping by DHL). I am lucky because I can afford it and I hate seeing the NHS ripped off. It's even cheaper from elsewhere.

I am working with my GP and MP to try and get some action on this on. Too many people are having a treatment withdrawn that they really need but it all because the NHS is being ripped off unnecessarily. Only one company has a licence and it's owned by 2 Indian guys (one with a Canadian passport).

I can PM you with details if you choose to go privately with prescription from your GP.


Sorry, I should have said that my T3 comes from Germany.


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