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Finally ditched the two duvets!

So nice to be able to post good news! I have been on NDT for just 3 months now and although there is nothing to catch with my daily readings I am warmer at night finally. Still a cold bean but managing with rather more normal duvet arrangements. I still use two double sheepskins (one below and one above) and a heat pack in addition to my 13.5 duvet, but don't need the second duvet which to me is progress indeed. At last my body is giving me positive signs. Actually got a total shock recently when slept soundly with no cold spells and woke to find a frosted winter wonderland outside.

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It is amazing how on single improvement makes a huge difference. I am pleased that warmth has given you a positive for switching to NDT.


Thanks. Had two duvets all through summer so this is definitely progress.

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