Good morning everyone.I've started on Levo 25 about 6 weeks ago nothing has really changed in my health other than excessive thirst, is this a normal side effect or is it just me? My blood sugar and anemia test are fine.

Also do people follow a special type of paleo or hypo diet? Ive read up on the internet and am left confused. Some people are of the view nothing needs to change but others seem to advise giving up grains or gluten?

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanku

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  • Good morning Summers1261.

    The reason you don't feel good is that you are due an increase of 25mcg every six weeks until you are on an optimum of thyroid hormones. Optimum means that you feel you have normal health and carry on as you used to do. I've responded to another post just now and if you look at it it gives a good explanation of what thyroid hormones do.

    If your thirst doesn't improve tell your GP.

    It takes some time to work up to a good dose of hormones. Levothyroxine is T4, T4 converts to the active hormone T3. We have to have sufficient levo to convert.

  • Hi summers1361

    I have hashimotos going GF has really helped my Thyroid spikes and so I feel much much better. It's hard but for me iit's worth it

    Good luck

  • Hi after reading your post I have decided to go GF. Today was day1... you are right its so hard. Everything I love contains Gluten .. will try to continue with it

  • Yes but you'll get used to it I've also lost weight so added bonus! But honestly I have really noticed that my Thyroid spikes are now non existentant so has really helped me

    Best wishes on continued GF

  • Hi again what do u have as a treat when the 3oclock slump hits? This is thr hardest part of the day for me

  • Hi summers126 I'm not sure what your nutritional needs/personnal preferences are but savoury ideas marmite/pate/cheese on GF crackers or rice crackers a carrot (I grate them and sprinkle olive oil over top) you can get veg crisps. Sweet snacks fruit you can get GF snack bars I love sessame ones a few nuts (Brazil's have selenium) also take ages to chew through!! I sometimes make a cake and have a slice of that

    Hope that's given you some ideas as I said I don't know your nutritional/personal preferences i just adapt recipes to suit for instance I can't tolerate almonds receipts often use almond flour so I use coconut or gram mostly stuff turns out edible if not the dog or birds will eat it!!

    Have you been to Dr and followed up advice? again it's hard but if you don't tell Dr they think your o.k. please don't suffer at feeling ill there there to make you better

    Good luck

    Ps you could also do a post for snack ideas people here are lovely their only to happy to help, say what your needs are and they'll have a better idea than me, you didn't list any results are all you're vitamins o.k. I've got my B12 up and really feel better for it

    Best wishes stay strong xx

  • I've been hypothyroid for many years. In the last 5 years I've had excessive thirst. I would very easily drink over 2 litres of water a day and if I was out and about I had to carry a bottle of water with me otherwise I'd be gasping for water and start to panic. At first I thought it was a good thing but it became a nuisance because I am constantly visiting the loo. I still wake up during the night to drink water and go to the loo. I recently saw an endocrinologist privately and since my ferritin was on the low side he recommended an iron infusion which I then had. I've since noticed that my thirst isn't as bad but I still visit the loo a lot. I'm not sure if this is of any help to you but I thought I'd tell you.

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