any one else having trouble holding down a job with graves /hypo

any one else having trouble holding down a job with graves /hypo

hiya all is it just me or is it normal no matter what i do i cant seem to hold down a job ,,i have just lost my last job at a supermarket when i was on the till i just could not remember to add up change,,i have been working in shops for years but now i just cant think? ,,i dont know why? i feel really thick ,,my manger said cant you get it right or are you just stupid ! i have pustulosis psoriasis on my hands and feet i only got this when i got thoryod problems so i cant work with food,, when i go for interviews i try and hide my hands and say nothing about Graves' Disease, Hyperthyroidism , because i no i wont get the job ? and when i serve people and they see my hands i get some nasty comments like ewwww ..or omg yuk .the more i use my hands in a day the worse they become by the and off the day there saw and bleeding as i cant keep my skin greasy at work ! i have been told after 10 years off treatment there is nothing left just keep using gloves and creams will add a pic off my hands they bleed a lot and are saw,, i feel so tired and week all the time ,,am i alone how do people live ,,its got to the point my husband is calling me just lazy and saying i am not paying my way admittedly he pays for everything as i have no money at all,,how do people cope ? well writing this i am sat crying feeling worthless this illness has changed my life and my self so much i dont recognise my self,,from a out going hard worker to a week person who never seems to leave her bedroom ,, i am on meds t3/t4 ..please tell me i am not alone and there is a reason for this ,,x

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  • Hi there. Poor you...just read your post. I think a lot of us struggle working with the brain fog...some days are better than others and some days i just struggle to get things right in my head. I'm certainly slower with things but i know i'm not optimal yet on my treatment because my free T3 is not quite there yet.

    What about you...when did you last get your thyroid tested? Might be an idea if you can get your most recent results and post them on here for TSH, FT4 and FT3 along with what dose you take of each (T3/T4)

    I'm sorry i know nothing about graves or psoriasis but i am hypothyroid and i do take T3/T4 and i understand the feelings of isolation and lack of empathy from usually told well.... you dont look ill! You'll get help here...we just need some pointers from you re your bloods etc as a good starting point.

  • just made a appointment going to doctors today i will ask for a test have not had one in a few months ,,but they dont like giving out a copy of test results but i will ask .. so i can put them on ,,i am on levothroxine 50micrograms 1 a day and liothyronine20microgram half a tablet twice a day ..x

  • It is your legal right to have a copy under the 1998 Data Protection Act. If they refuse, they are breaking the law. :)

  • That's a good start. I think your dose of thyroid medication has been the same for some time looking back at some older posts from you on here so it may need tweaking, make sure when you do get them that they give you the reference ranges as this is important, and as others have pointed out about nutrient levels as well if you can get these tested? You might want to start a new post with your results asking for comments...something along those lines...

  • Jhheaney,

    If you post your recent thyroid results and ranges members will advise whether you are optimally medicated. It sounds as though you may be under medicated.

    Your manager is out of order accusing you of being stupid. Hypothyroidism can cause cognitive decline, particularly when under medicated, and can be considered to be a disability under the Equality Act 2010 requiring employers to make reasonable adjustments for their employees.

    Perhaps you could cream your hands and wear cotton or silk gloves to cover them while you are working.

  • I am so sorry to hear how you've been treated. I know nothing about psoriasis - except that it's autoimmune and I do have a little, but not to the extent you do - but I just wanted to say, there are some pretty ignorant people on this planet! And I know it hurts to hear their moronic comments, but try to ignore them. Their comments say more about them than they do about you. When I was a kid, I was taught not to make personal remarks about people, and that's the way I brought my kids up. But, parents don't seem to educate their kids anymore, so they grow up into abominable adults! I'm so sorry for the human race, it no-longer knows how to behave in a civilised manner. xxx

  • Have you ever checked your nutrient levels? Having them at an optimal level is essential for anyone with a thyroid problem.

    On this forum the basic nutrients we are all told to get checked, and supplement if necessary, are ferritin/iron, folate, vitamin B12 and vitamin D.

    You should read this :

  • The best thing I did for my psoriasis was take olive leaf capsules and bath in ACV. It stops the itchiness and mine as almost gone except for a small patch in my ear. it works good luck

  • what is avc? and where can i get this from hun?

  • ACV is Apple cider vinegar put two cups in bath water and soak. Braggs is the best one from health food shops. You can also make a solution using equal amounts of ACV and distiller water and wipe with cotton wool pad. It also makes a great toner in the diluted version.

  • thank you will defo give this a try and update you xx

  • nutrient levels? never had any tests for them .. did not no i need any? i went to doctors and he said i had a test done 7 months ago and now they will only do it 1 time a year?i told him i get fogging and forget things it messes my head up cant think straite he gave me some naproxen and co co-codamol he said it will help my head ? when i talked about thyroid he said its all ok carry on as i am and come bk in 5/6 months for a new blood test ?

  • Unbelievable! I take Naproxen as a pain wont help with brain fog! Your doctor is a fool in my opinion! Did you get your results from the doctors? He may well say everything is ok but it might not be optimal which maybe why you are suffering, and if the nutrients mentioned before are not optimal your thyroid medication will not work well but doctors dont know about this i have found out with mine..everything is treated in isolation and not holistically.

  • Is it possible to change your GP?

  • Your GP is very ignorant about thyroid, isn't he. He has no idea what he's doing. If you have symptoms, he should test you sooner. It's stupid to wait religiously for one year! So much can go wrong in the space of one year. And yearly testing is for people who do well on their thyroid hormone replacement. You are obviously not doing well.

    Of course you wouldn't know that you needed to get your vit D etc tested, and I bet your doctor doesn't know, either! They don't know much. But it is important that they are optimal. You sound very much like you have low B12, that could be the reason for the fogginess. So, very important to check. Ask your doctor. He won't connect them to thyroid, so no reason why he shouldn't check. Just say you think you have some symptoms of nutritional deficiencies. Then, ask for a print-out of your results, it is your legal right to have one, and post them on here, with the ranges. And we'll be able to help you supplement the deficiencies. :)

  • thank you hun i am going to try and get another appointment with a different doctor,,and ask about all the things you have said lol,,see if some other doctor is willing to give me a new blood test ,,got to be worth a try,, i dont think many doctors do understand i think they think you look ok go away ..can i buy b12 ? just to see if it makes a difference? thank you all your all amazing people ,,only when i come on here people understand xx hugz xx

  • Yes, you can buy B12 easily. But, I wouldn't advise taking it before you get tested, because once you're on it, you would have to come off it for five months to get an accurate test.

    You need to see if you are low, and if so, just how low are you? Because it could be that you have Pernicious Anemia, but your doctor won't test you for that unless your B12 is really, really low. You see what I mean? However if he does test you for PA, and it's positive, you will get B12 injections on the NHS for life. So, it's worth waiting to see.

    B12 ranges usually go from about 150 to 700, something like that. If you're around the bottom of the range, you need to ask for PA testing. If your result isn't that low, but is under 500, you are at risk of irreparable neurological damage - but doctors have no idea about that!

    Optimal for B12 is 1000. And you need it at 1000 or over to avoid cognitive decline. So, B12 is very, very important. Your doctor doesn't know that, because they don't 'do' B12 in med school, but he should have no objection to testing for it. It's a cheap and simple test. So, do get it done. :)

  • If you can't get any help from doctors, and they won't test what you want them to test you can do private testing if finances permit.

    This is a very popular test on this forum and it can be done with a finger prick kit. If you know someone who can take blood for you, that is an option too :

    You get sent a kit with all the necessary equipment. You have to prick your fingers, drip blood into little vials, then send the blood back to the lab through the post. Results are sent via email.

    Once you get your results, post them in a new thread on here and ask for feedback.

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