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Dear thyroid-community

I thought I would write a post rather than try to thank everyone individually for your help and replies. I was diagnosed with hashimotos 5yrs ago after my sister in Australia moved GP practice and her dr noticed her test results showed hypothyroidism. She was diagnosed with hashimotos and as it can be hereditary I asked to be tested and sure enough was also diagnosed. After being treated for many years for depression, operations for menstrual problems, steroids for hives, weight problems, fatigue, sleeping tablets for insomnia etc, finally a diagnosis that linked everything and made sense. But it took twenty years to be discovered because my TSH was 'normal' I wasn't tested for anything else. I'm sure others have similar lengthy stories but my illness has cost me dearly. I had fatigue so gave up my job with BA as long haul crew, was fired from another airline for not being able to maintain my weight, my fiancé broke up with me this year 6weeks before our wedding because he didn't want to have a wife with a chronic illness etc. Sorry such a long winded story! I have been arguing/persuading/begging various gps and nhs endow for treatment for the last 4yrs. The last nhs endow letter said they would not consider T3 because of health risks to heart etc and would 'wait and see' if my condition worsened. My freet4 was 12(ref range 10-26) and free T3 3.4 (ref range 4-6) so below clinical range but not bad enough for NHS to treat with T3 apparently. GP referred me to private endo because I was frustrated at having to wait to become sicker. The endo I saw was fantastic but expensive which is why he wrote to my GP for me. He has just filmed a documentary with BBC which will air in January about thyroid conditions and the fact that medication s have increased 20x in cost over recent years. The real demon I believe is Mercury Pharma. They set the price and the NHS can't afford to issue these drugs. Other expensive meds for cancer etc, the patient will not be on for life so this creates a problem for the GP to prescribe thyroid drugs which will be needed indefinitely. This should not be the patients problem but we are the ones suffering the consequences of this. I will perhaps write to my ccg etc but it's such a long battle already, I don't have the time/energy to wait on a result but should do it as the more who do, perhaps they will address this need. In the meantime a heartfelt thank-you to you all for your advice and information. Hope I will acquire some T3 and be a new person/my old self! Thanks again, Claire

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Thank YOU so much for this post.


Claire, Thanks for your story. Mine is similar. Try some T3 or NDT and get support from this forum.


I am also indebted to this forum which has informed me over 2 years now. I had similar results on diagnosis and subsequently discovered a faulty gene DIO2.

You can read my latest post here which you may find encouraging.

Good luck!


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