Depression and anxiety

Hi all, I've been told my t4 is 19 and since taking t3 last 4 months was feeling OK but last 3 weeks awful symptoms of anxiety depression crying all the time and not wanting to socialise and withdrawing which is totally out of character for me, I have bought vit d3 and b12 b6 vitamins and even St John wort last week to try help myself as no endo appointment for 18 weeks. I come off t3 for week to see if it that but still feel the same so endo advised on phone to go back on 25mcg, help anyone what to do as so low

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  • Siennawalsh It would help members to comment if you post your full test results with reference ranges and what thyroid meds you were taking at the time of the tests.

    Also, what were your vitamin and mineral results and what doses of supplements are you taking?

  • Hi yes I would like all results as endo who I won't see sane doctor again has them and didn't give to me apart from when tested for t4 it was 19 and t3 after 3months was above range of 8 that's all he told me!

  • Also I was taking 125mg t4 and 25mcg t3 for last 3nibtgs only

  • If you are in the UK then you are legally entitled to your results under the Data Protection Act. Contact the endo or secretary and ask for them, or ask your GP surgery if they've been sent through to them.

    What about your vitamin and mineral results? Surely you tested before starting to supplement? What were they and what are you taking?

  • If your T3 was above range then the dose should have been adjusted to get you back in range. Did your endo put you back on the same dose of T3?

  • Thanks for replies, I asked endo to check vit D and b12 and he never commented once he had so I presumed they were ok but took myself small doses to try help myself and he just said stay on t3 after I said I didn't feel well? No other testing vit minerals done, I will try talk my gp to see results like u say

  • You really need to know what your levels are before supplementing. At best, if you don't need them, you are wasting your money - such as B12 as excess B vits are pee'd out. At worst you risk toxicity with vitamins that get stored rather than pee'd out - such as Vit D.

    Also, some of them have important co-factors which we should take eg when supplementing with B12 we need to take a B Complex to balance all the B vits. D3 needs K2-MK7 and magnesium. D3 aids absorption of calcium from food and K2 directs the calcium to bones and teeth where it is needed rather than arteries and soft tissues where it can cause problems like calcification of arteries, kidney stones, etc.

  • Thanks for all advice, I will look into it

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