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Now what...I'm fed up with this

Okay so yesterday the Specialist calls me and tells me to start taking the 5 mg of Methimazole instead of the 2.5 mg I was taking for a month because it was to high, I didn't ask what was high...anyways so today I went to get a copy of my lab results and noticed she didn't do my Free 4 and she never does the Free 3 but noticed my TSH level says 0.01 below low normal. I don't know why she told me yesterday on the phone it was a little too high...??

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Looks like use of language is the problem.

As I read it: Your thyroid hormones are high - as indicated by your very low TSH. Therefore, take more anti-thyroid medicine to reduce your high thyroid hormone levels.

But as written it misses out the indirection.

The problem: Using TSH to estimate thryoid hormone levels is not acceptable. Why on earth they insist on using TSH as an indicator rather than messuring FT4 and FT3 directly, I have no idea. Other than cost of tests.


How do you feel in yourself? Do you have any hyper symptoms? Your Endo really needs to check your FT3 & FT4. If you feel good on your old dose would it be worth approaching your GP and asking to be tested for the above?


Thanks. She does the Free 4 but she never does Free 3. I don't know why. But I will ask her when I see her on the 22 of this Month. I have been breathing better, and hope it stays like this. My Free 4 was 1.4 and my TSH was 0.01 the lowest of the low. Thanks so much.


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