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Hi so im 39 weeks pregnant and due too have a planned c section next week. I've had issues with my care during pregnancy was supposed too be consultant led but was discharged after one appointment early on. So here I am now after being told too stop iron as haemoglobin was too high at 12 weeks. I have told anyone who would listen I need the iron but was told no as it was a danger too baby too be too high. So now im terrified that I'll haemorrhage and die as I don't have the iron with my stores too deal with trauma of having a c section my ferritin has dropped from 17 too 7 it took me a year too get it too 19 from 5 but I was told i couldnt take chelated iron in pregnancy. Any advice please im super anxious now

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  • If your most recent ferritin level is only 7, you need to take iron. In fact, your ferritin should be a lot higher than 17. But for now, take the iron.

  • I was taking iron but was advised by maternity unit too stop based on haemoglobin I've recently started a pregnancy friendly one but I now don't have the time between now and next week for my iron stores too increase.

  • Ferritin needs to be good because other functions in the body require iron. For example the enzymes in the membranes of the mitochondria (which are the powerhouses in cells providing energy.) So whoever decided that just because your hemoglobin is decent although the ferritin is bottomed out doesn't know their stuff.

    C-section shouldn't result in significant blood loss.

  • I would get an urgent appointment/phone call with your GP to discuss your concerns.

  • I've contacted hospital regarding this and have a pre op appointment Monday but I don't know what's going too happen

  • Certainly voice your concerns at your pre op. I e found them very efficient at sorting anything. Hope all goes well for you both. I've found operations set me back a little so get as much rest as you can with a new born!

  • Hi NettyBoo, can I ask how you're getting on? Sounds like you have similar issues to me although I've not had a child yet. I have macrocytosis, hypothyroidism and have had a miscarriage at 8 weeks from my second ivf. I was told I was b12 deficient but when I changed docs they reviewed and said I wasn't! Now just take the under the tongue b12.

    Wishing you all the best

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