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Went to GP's for a medication review this morning

Had a call the other day to go for a medication review never had that before but as I rarely go the docs thought I should go. My opinion is that it's a box ticking exercise and when you sit in the waiting room and see people being turned away cause there are no appointments I'm thinking wouldn't the doc doing reviews be better employed seeing needy patients. Anyway doctor I saw was very efficient she went over the tablets I'm on and when I take them and did I understand why I was taking them. She asked if I was happy taking the tablets I'm on and I told her, no, thyroxine doesn't seem to address my thyroid probs but endo is happy for me to carry on with all the rubbish symptoms because he's following NHS guidelines even though he had said he would try me on t3 medication then back tracked when latest blood test were 'in range' but I felt total crap!! I asked her to read and clue up on thyroid disease and help us to get the treatment we deserve. She was leaving GP practice to work in hospital so maybe if she comes in contact with thyroid sufferers she will think twice about normal range results.She probably thought I was a bit of a know it all but I'm sick of hearing about restrictions and NHS guidelines like I said to her I want to be able to lead a normal life not sit at home aching all over feeling sick having palpitations and hot flushes. Like we all know on here they don't have the answers do they?

Thanks for listening and reading my rant/ post! Hope everyone is as well as they can be


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I get called in every 12 months for a thyroid review, have to see the nurse who takes blood test and then the results are checked by the Doctor, I was under the impression if you are on any medication they have to do a review, but I could be wrong.



I review my medication when I have my annual diabetes review but my pharmacy also does it once a year too because they get paid to do so.

My local CCG has recently changed the prescription practice so that patients have to take control over their own repeat prescriptions but it is causing loads of problems because it means that pharmacies can no longer get the repeat prescriptions direct from GP surgeries (mine was on the electronic system) and this change means that they cannot order medication without the prescription. It is causing unnecessary delays and meant that my pharmacist couldn't get my monthly liothyronine which, they ordered in bulk because i was the only patient getting this med and they weren't allowed to order it.

So the answer to your question is... they get paid to do the review.

TT x


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