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Multiple thyroid goiter


I have multiple thyroid, I have been diagnosed one year from now. I have done ultrasound , biopsy in both sides. My TSH is normal. So no medication for me. From one year until I see the goiter is growing. Doctors don't give me anything. I'm really worry about this I have seen a lot of doctors no one gives me any solution . Who can help me ? Thank you

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Is the TSH all they test? Do you have a copy of your last test results? If so, post them on here, with the ranges, and let us have a look. :)

You do not say if you have any symptoms so I assume the only thing you are worried about is the actual size on the multinodular goitre. This affliction can be very serious indeed and you will probably find that the permanent solution, ie surgery, will not be contemplated unless it is fully necessary. I was nearly dying on my feet before I got surgery.

Surgery is VERY dangerous and not something to be taken lightly. You could very easily lose the ability to speak, end up having a breathing tube attached permanently to your neck or even die from uncontrolled blood loss during or after the operation. Don't go there unless it becomes really, really bad.

I believe it may be possible to control the goitre by medication but that is for your doc to decide.

Is your doctor monitoring your iodine and selenium levels? I'm not necessarily advocating you taking it on your own, since sometimes that can do harm, but that is one thing to look at.

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